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WTB- Phenom II quad BE

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Looking for a Phenom II socket AM3 BE cpu. Ideally looking for a 960t (do not care if it unlocks, would rather it doesn't to keep price down) or a 970 (zosma based HDZ970FBK4DGR). But, would also consider Deneb CPU's such as a 955, 965, 970, 980 etc.

This is going in a board that does NOT have unlocked capabilities so please don't send offers of a 550 or 555 that can unlock because I'm not interested. And like I said, I would prefer an unlockable 960T to keep price down since I won't be unlocking it anyway.

Price is negotiable, very dependent on what you have. Please PM me what you have and asking price shipped to 17015. Thanks