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Just my 2 cents, I know most people are into looks. I am more into results at the cheapest price lol, and considering the pump doesnt have to be any where near the computer I recommend staying away from pumps that have impellers. I dont know if they finally updated the old style of water pump, but you can get a rv water pump for more than half the price of some of those pumps, and it doesnt have a impeller. It uses a rubber nipple kind of thing, there are 3 of them, and they go in and out, and create the suction. They can never burn out due to not having water in them, and that part never goes bad. I have been using one for over a year, and i have never shut it off more than for a few hours. I would say my total computer down time for over the last year was maybe 1 day. The pump still works fine, and never has had any problem. It was also quieter than my swifttech water pump I had. The only downfall is it isnt as small, and it isnt controlled by the cpu fan slot. Although I am un sure why you want to slow the water pump down. I am poor though so I always look for cheaper lol.

This is one of their higher end models, and is alot quieter than mine. which is 70. You can get the lower models for around 40. But they last alot longer than 50000 hours, and to get something comparable to it from switt tech . Your talking 200, now I will give you the swiftech is alot prettier lol.

Any ways just my 2 cents, while I see if my ram oc is stable.