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300r Mod for newbies

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hello oc people. I am building a new computer and having a hard times finding newbie mob videos for a 300r. ( not my first pick. Mainly because it fits in my computer desk ;(...) Can someone link a great video for 300r mod for a liquid cooled pc. I am not a computer genuine so it would have to be something very easy. Or if their is a great computer store ( around the Anaheim area) that does mods. ( micro center doesn't do that sort of thing).... Thank you again and hope to get a good feed back with my questions.

Computer Parts list
Corsair vengeance pro 32gb 2133mhz
Asus Maximus VI formula
Evga 780ti kingpin edition ( Ek or evga water block )
Corsair 300r windowed
Xspc RayStorm Twin D5 RX240 V3 WaterCooling Kit
Psu I haven't decided yet.
Samsung Evo 500gb ssd
2x Wd black edition 1 tb

I was thinking of modding the front of the case that houses the 2x 140mm will that xspc set work well with a cpu, gpu, and if needed motherboard??? Again any help would be great. Thank again
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To be perfectly honest, I found this out first hand with my mod, you will hardly ever find info with the exact mod you're wanting to do with detailed instructions on your exact case, much less a video detailing it out. Most of the time you just have to look at what other people have done to mod their case, figure out what you like about it and find a way to adapt it to your needs and your hardware. You're going to have to have some vision to adapt things for your case, or if you're good with sketchup that can be a big help.

I have found it is one of those things you just have to decide you're going to do. Do some general research on how to do what it is you're wanting to do, not necessarily pertaining to your exact hardware/case setup, and just go for it. It is all a learning experience, you'll be much better at it by the end of the mod and just wish you could start over from the beginning knowing what you have learned throughout the process.

Here's a good video on cutting out fan holes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNwuKZ3KuIE

Hope some of this helps!
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Thank you again. This helps soo much. When I get the final product I will have to pose it.
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