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[Build log] Chroma Rain - 900D dual loop acrylic build

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So to start off I am new to building pc and have only been doing this a little over a year now. My back ground is in automotive customization and sheet metal fab. I got into fps gaming and needed more power. More power then turned into the need to customize. And now here I am with my build. I'm tearing down the build first pictured for this build. This build will be focused on the use of color changing light to effect your mood "Chromatherapy" and lots of water cooling cause... Well I like it and the only way to learn is to dive head first into it.

Pc parts list-
Intel I7 4770k
Gigabyte g1 sniper 5 mobo
16gb Corsair Dominator Platinum 2666mhz ram
2 Evga Gtx780sc gpus in sli
2 Samsung evo 250gb ssd in raid
1 WD 1tb black hdd
Evga 1000w g2 power supply
Corsair 900D case

Water cooling parts-
2 Xspc photon 270ml reservoirs
2 Ek DCP 4.0 pumps
2 Ek 480 coolstream pe radiators with corsair push/pull silent fans
Ek Gigabyte Sniper mobo block
2 Evga Gtx780 water blocks with back plates
12 Primochill Purple Acrylic revolver fittings
12 Primochill Green Acrylic revolver fittings
Lots of clear Primochill clear acrylic tubing
And a whole list of other odds and ends I can't remember ordering.

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The start of test fitting to see what kind of space I am working with in the case.

Got one of the EVGA water blocks installed. But had to wait for EVGA to send me the right stiffening bracket for the second one. But I did learn EVGA has by far the best customer service I have ever dealt with.

Got the lower radiator and fans mounted and getting ready to start building the bracket to hold the 2 XSPC Photon reserviors.

With the help of some electric sheet metal sheers and a 30" sheet metal bender I knocked out this aluminum panel to hold the reservoirs in place.
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Got the reservoirs mounted to the bracket I made and mounted it into the 900D. My stiffening bracket and second radiator and pump arrived so I installed the water block on the second gpu and the radiator into the case.

This is currently where I am at in the build process. No matter what tools you have this acrylic is a tough cookie to get right. But I would save yourself some time and pain and pick up one of these bending kits. The silicone tube that goes into the acrylic to keep it from pinching fits with no mods and the benders help a lot for making clean bends. But be prepared to make mistakes. Lots of them. Spend the money and buy extra acrylic for first attempts.
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Looking good gatsby, those colours are going to look very nice together thumb.gif
As for evga im jelly not being able to deal with them directly like US..
good luck mate in intrigued for the scheme
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Well its been a bit since I did a update. And I really have not gotten much further with the project since I have been working so much. But the loop for the vgas is almost done. Still got a long way to go on the cpu and mobo loop. Also getting the drain valves into the system. Going to put the order in for the rest of my ram in a day or so. Then I still need to order all the stuff to make the wires for it. A little progress is better then no progress. This acrylic bending is much harder then I anticipated. And with some tube if it gets to hot im getting a weird reaction to where it gets micro scratches. Just gotta keep pushing on and figuring it out as I go.

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