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HDMI issues

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I am having a problem getting a signal from my 10m hdmi cable to my LG LCD TV. it has worked for the past 6 months. I like to extened views and watch movies that way. now my tv doesn't pick up signal, and I don't have the extend/ duplicate view option on my pc.

this is where it gets confusing. if I go to a different hdmi port it works until I turn it off again then that post no longer works either. THEN I plug my xbox one into the previously used hdmi ports and the setting is set to 620p. my tv doesn't have anywhere to change the 1080p/ 620p setting, but if I go into my xbox settings its signal is 620p. then I change it back to 1080 and xbox works fine. but still get no signal from that port for my pc. I only have 3 hdmi ports and don't want to try it on the last one. I have a 3g GTX780. is there such thing as sending too much power to the tv?

any help will be great. (I know I can hit "play to" to watch movies through the xbox but I like to listen to the movies through my pc sounds card and headphones
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your signal is weak. the tv and source need to receive a handshake. you were likely on the ragged edge with it barely working before. you are going to need either a repeater or a better cable (id go with repeater, 35ft is a long run). the xbox prob has more gain. and yes, you can put too much power into a tv hdmi port, its called running a hot signal.

when fios first came out there boxes signal was too hot and cooked many TV's, they bought quite a few new sets for people after that one..lol. oops.

I doubt that's the issue tho... do you have a short hdmi cable to plug the pc in closer to retry the other hdmi ports...doing this simple diag will answer your question
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ok so I plugged the pc in with a shorter cable and still no picture. the tv picks up there is something plugged in but no signal. plugged the xbox in that hdmi port and got a full 1080p signal. so plugged the hdmi in the back of the monitor as it has hdmi input and the pc picked up there were 2 available connections.

so does this tell me I have ruined my TV so it cant pick up pc hdmi. or deos it mean my tv is too old. or is there something I can do to make it work with this tv. my tv is about 6 years old but still works fine. hasent skipped a beat. and has worked previously with this pc
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ok my next question/ option is. my xbox one has a hdmi in. can I send my pc signal to the xbox then xbox signal to the tv. or will this do harm?
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that wont hurt anything.. I wonder if your pc is not getting the spec from your tv.. as in your pc is setting the res too high, of the freq too high.. I am assuming you have 2 (or more) monitors and ur tv is one of them, can you change settings too lower the res to the tv manually??

I remember you saying the pc wont see the tv.. hook the tv up and go into the windows monitor properties, not Nvidia, and click on "Detect" to detect displays and see what happens, if your tv comes up then manually set ur res and hertz in the NVidia cont panel.

There doesn't sound like there is anything wrong with your tv it self.
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ok so my tv is set to 50htz and the graphics to monitor is 60. so I turned it down and still nothing.
I hit that detect button but nothing just the monitor.
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