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Corsair H100i Fan compatibility thread...

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Hi there,

We all know the stock fans that come with the H100i are pretty noisy.... both mine make a creaking noise when I turn them by hand.....and at max rpm well.... it's not good biggrin.gif

Not a problem, I thought... i'll just use my trusty Noiseblockers and all is well... right..... right?


With my Noiseblocker PL-2's plugged into the pump they spin up and then completely cut out every 10 seconds or so.

This is accompanied by a nasty clicking sound from the block as each individual fan's power is cut.

I tried this with 1, 2, 3, and 4 fans connected... all with the same result.

I tried some Corsair AF-120 Silent blue led's I had lying around (also 3 pin) to check if the unit was faulty and they perform just fine.

I tried several versions (including April 19th beta) of Corsair link and no, the Noiseblockers do not respond to any form of manipulation via software.

As a result I thought I would start a fan compatibility thread for the H100i, and probably the H80i, and H60 too, since they are the same design so we can compile a list of what actually works and what does not, to try and save others in my position some system building pain wink.gif

If you guys could chime in with fans that spin normally and respond to the Corsair link software and whether they are 3 or 4 pin, that would be awesome thumb.gif

Ps. Also please report what does not work correctly, and the behaviour observed, obviously smile.gif

I'll start:

Compatibility list:



Corsair AF120 blue quiet edition 1450rpm (3 pin)
Noctua NF-F12

Not working:

Noiseblocker PL-2 blacksilent pro 1400rpm (3 pin) (constant start / stops in 10 second loops)
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Noctua NF-F12 works fine with my H100i smile.gif
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