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SAKSAK 800 D CASE watercooled + copper and acrylic pipe+plexi waterdistr.

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new case is an old friend CORSAİR 800D.

The original case

What I want to achieve are:

To modify 800D case
To instal watercooling1x loop with 2x rads (Push-pull)
To install liquid cooling via Copper and acrylic pipe.
To use a special distributor for water distribution as midplate, laser cutted.
To enlarge the case for radiator fans since it is not wide enough.

ASUS R4 Black Edition

WB for MB
EK-FB KIT ASUS R4BE Nickel Plexi Clean CSQ

Core i7 4820K 2011 3.7GHz 10MB

WB for CPU
EK-Supremacy Clean CSQ Nickel Plexi

Video card

WB for Video
2X EK-FC TİTAN SE Nikel Plexi -Clean CSQ


EK –X2 250mm

CORSAİR Prof. Ser. Gold AX1200 — 80 PLUS

1x Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 Full Copper 360mm
1x Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta 240

Swiftech MCP655™ Series 12 VDC Water Pumps - With Speed Control

1x Koolance 4-Fan Radiator Shroud, Black

30x Bitspower G1/4" Matte Black Enhance Dual Multi-Link For Acrylic Tube OD 12MM

12x CORSAIR Air Series SP120 High Performance Edition High Static Pressure 120mm Case fun

The case naked

Adding a backplate for the new case

The new place for MONSTA 240 and SWİFTECH 655 pump

Youtube added



Play Doh Silverstone TJ07 with acrylic tubing



Worklog Corsair 900D -Watercooled mmt case

Worklog 12 angry men 900D case

Worklog Graphic Equaliser Display

Worklog How to make a BENCH CASE from an old ATX case

Self made COSMOS II Clear Panel
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Made an alu midplate for plexi water distrubutor.

Midplate and backplate mat black painted

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to enlarge the case , fans were taken out of the case

I made a radiator shroud for fans

Corsair 800 D has a 360 rad gril on the top.

I want to use an Alphacool UT 60 – 480 RAD on the top of the case . therfore ı added 4th fangrill
with drilling .

but there was a problem to mount the 480 rad . on the top of the case was a pit 5mm for 360 rads

these coused problems at the inside and outside.. ı solved these problem with a 120 mm gasket at the inside and a self made 5mm rubber 360 gasket at outside..

Alphacool UT 60 480 mounted on the topwith push-pull fans

pull fans mounted with koolance shroud

And Monsta 240 mounted at his place.

One of Connection threads from Monsta , was used for draining with a single rotary 90 adapter and a mini valve of Bitspower.

becouse pull fanns of monsta was at outside of the case. , it was made an shroud onthe backcover.

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and planning the way for cupper pipes from MB(White line)(blue acrylic)

and next planning of acrylic pipes (blue line)

and bending of copper pipes.

New 5.25 cages with 60mm depth instead of original 180 mm depht

Added CPU acrylic pipes

in and out pipes of 480 rad changed

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working a bit more with pipes of southbridge and (VRM / MOSFETs) modüle . changed angels of bending…

the green marked pipes must be riht angle and the the pipes blue marked must be paralel
and done

and the hight of the pipes.the distance between MB and pipes was 100mm and it is downloaded to 50 mm

acrylic pipes of video cards added. ( only one videocard is at photo)

I wannt to make a BLACK plexi(glossy) backplate. And RED plexi gromets for cables.

and what ı wannt to do as backplate..

And done

and planning of plexi waterdistributor as mid plate.

And what ı want to do. Black plexi and blood red fluid and ROG logo.

And drawn with corel to cut with lazer.

UPDATE 29/05/2014

To separate PSU from watercooling ,and to hide the cablles ı made a seperatör.

added a filport to the case.

the topmost black plexi laser cutted , to control the dimensions .

illuminated relief rog logo

Added gromets for cables.

Resim 68

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UP DATE 07/06/2014

Becouse there is no place at 5.25 for SSD s and HDD, ı made special trays for them . I used 15X15mm Alu T Profil.

And trays mounted to HDD and SSD

And all mounted to the case.

The plexi Water distrubutor has 4 layers.

1- 5mm black plexi at buttom
2- 10mm clear plexi (with lazercutted water channels) in the middle
3- 5mm clear plex on the top i for fittings
4- 2mm black plexi as mask

First bonding acrylic sheets with cloroform. layers 2 and 3

Two layersbounded with cloroform

First leak test


And leak test passed with success.

Dont use metal drils

tapping and preparing for fittings

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Next step, bonding the buttom black plexi from the inside.

And bonding the top plexi as mask with logo

The black plexi mask at the top is 5mm larger from all sides to illuminate the main plexi with a strip led.

And with led strips

Acrylic tube fittings mounted to distributör.

The 2.nd leak test with green fluid. The fluid was a brite grenn primochill

, but it seems as a dark pastel fluid

İlluminated to see the color

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The depht of my 5.25 drive bays is only 60 mm. Bu ı want to use it

1 - I want to use the ON- OF control panel of corsair 800D

2- I want to use my Thermaltake media lab

3- I want to turn of the power of the HDD if it is necessary.

I could use my self built 4 way HDD switcher

But ı made a new controller for leds and HDD switcher together.

I have 3 ledsrips in the case and 6 leds on blocks. I want turn of the leds strips and dimm if it is necessary . Therefore ı usued 5 K ohm ON-OF pottanciometers. And red leds to see the on- of positions.

And one 2 way ON-OF switch for HDD with a yellow led on

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4 - I want t to use a fan controller , Lamptron FC5 V3, to control rad fans (13 fanns on 240rad and 480 rad - push-pul)


And control the fluid temps at rad outputs , with aquacomputer inline sensors on Lamptron


I will to monitor the pumps speed on lamptron and control the pumpspeed with FC5V3 (it has 30 watt outpoot per chanell)

But my old swiftech 655 has no tacho output to monitor accurately the pumps speed. İt must be modified .

First the tacho outpoot must be found on the PCB


scraped the coating off the little circle at PCB with a dremel till I see copper .



Soldered a 3 rd wire to monitor the pump speed


Changed the power cables and used a 3 pin female fan connector , to connect it to fan controller.


You can see the speed of pump on LCD Display and adjust the speed with knob at Lamptron FC5




Something to add:

Swiftech 655 pump is working at

Nominal voltage 12 V DC

Nominal power (@ 12 V) 24 W

Nominal current (@ 12 V) 2 amps

Therefore you need a digital fan controller min 25 watt to control it over fan controller.

But to see only the speed of the pump,you cann use any digital fan controller.

T o do this you must add the yellow tacho cable of pump , to the yellow tacho kable of fan controller.


That is all.
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