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This. It should remain a choice to live frugally or to buy that bigger house. To want more out of life is as natural as breathing, and if someone is willing to work their a$$ off for it, all the better. As long as you don't put yourself in debt doing so.

Want, within sane boundaries.

I agree, I've worked my way up from an Army-brat with a new location every year on a new continent all fully furnished by the military ( As you could guess, not exactly 'homely' but all the amenities ) to a 5 bedroomed house with a massive front-and-rear garden that was built in the 1800's. I've worked towards it and I like where I am. I -could- live with less but I wouldn't be happy. Like an RPG where you gain levels but feel like you haven't gotten anywhere in-game or an Asian MMO where you grind your 'hind off for some pittance amount of money.

It comes down to what you like. In my experiance, kids that start off good with everything given to them, they turn out spoilt. Those of us that worked for what we have, know what it's like to get here. If I earned it myself, why shouldn't I be allowed to?

Next you'll be saying we're not all allowed Watercooled, Overclocked, Multi-monitor systems and we're all spoilt for having them biggrin.gif