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PS4 question.

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First off I hope this doesnt violate any rules.

Basically I have a PS4 and have no where near enough time to play it anymore. I am thinking of selling it and wonder how IF possible could I sell it with my Digital games...AC4+Freedom Cry and Killzone. They are both digital copies is it possible to sell them with the console? I would not mind giving my account with the console since "selling" them are against PS policy...Is this safe?

Lastly If games could be included or if not. How much would you price a PS4 with VERY light use + (AC4+Killzone) and a 1tb SSHD installed. I would include the factory 500gb hd with it.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822178340 <--- that is the SSHD.

I AM not asking about selling it here as I know I do not have the rep I just wonder about the digital games and its fair value with or w/o the games.

Havnt console gamed in over a decade other than this PS4 so Im kinda new to modern console rules and stuff.

Thanks in advance.thumb.gif
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The games are tied to your PSN account. If you want to include the games, you would also have to include your PSN id and password.
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Well some places sell the PS4 new at $350 with a physical game, so with those 2 digital games $280 is not a bad price. I'd sell the SSD separately, as not everyone is interested in buying a PS4 with an SSD.
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