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Do you think my CPU could be the problem of the overheating instead of the fan? Long time ago, my fan was stuffed with dust, and I had this problem where it kept overheating. But my father had cleaned it with a pressure washer(with air ofcoure), but i'm not sure wether this was a really good idea.. It did fix the problem for a while but now it's has come back already. So do you think my CPU might be broken, resulting into overheating?
Very possible it needs cleaning. Biggest problem is lint, hair, dust collecting behind fan on the leading edge of fins and restricting airflow.

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I knew Doyll would have a Thermalright up his sleeve..... thumb.gif
Thermalright make some great coolers, but so do Cryorig, Phanteks, Noctua, Alpenfohn / Deepcool, Prolimatech, etc. TRUE coolers have a tradition of having very good performance to cost ratio in Europe and elsewhere, but in America they used to be over-priced. Now the prices are closer to what they should be.

In America the 212 coolers are / were very good performance to cost ratio, but TRUE Spirit 120 (MSRP of $29.99) is 5c cooler on i7 920 processor at stock speed and also 3.3ghz 1.3625 volts than Hyper 212 Evo
ts max 64
evo max 69

This cooler has blown my mind. The cooler master 212 is one of the best value coolers out there winning countless awards and the Ts 120 just breezes past like it no trouble at all,......

A few years ago I used several Zaward Vapor 120 coolers.. As good as TRUE Spirit 120, but cheaper. Sadly they are no longer available. frown.gif