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[Rebuild] STH10 The Monolith With Pedastal and 120MM TOP!

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Current Setup.

Main Components.
Intel 4930K @ 4.7 1.344V
Rampage IV Black Edition
64GB DDR3 2400Mhz G Skill Ram
4X GTX Titan's
Sound Blaster ZXR
Caselabs STH10!

Watercooling Components (System is already water cooled with these parts)
4X EK Titan SE Waterblocks
Rampage IV Black Edition Nickel + Acetel Waterblock (Currently only VRM IS installed)
EK Supremecy Nickle/Plexi Clean.
2X Alphacool UT60 560MM Radiator
2x EK Coolstream XTX 480
1X Alphacool UT60 360

2X D5 Swiftech PWM Version of the 655.
2x EK D5 PWM **new**
EK DUal D5 Pumptop CSQ. X2
FrozenQ Blue Res (Custom length) 333mm
All Acrylic tubing with Bitspower and Alphacool fittings.
Gelid Wing 12PL 120MM
Gelid Wing 14 140MM.

Now with Enermax TB Vegas BLUE PWM Fans.

More updated components listed below.

Now the rebuild.

Main components are staying the same with me adding back the Chipset block on the motherboard. It's getting hot and apparently the chipset went up to 67C on the motherboard and caused instability in my system. So Yeah just cooling the VRM is a no go on the RIVBE. The chipset blocks is going back on!.

Radiators: New Setup

4X 560MM Radiators
2X 480MM Radiators
1X 280MM Radiator
1X 360MM Radiator

Total space = 3840 Overkill much? yeah! but what the hell.

Additional / new Components.


I will be adding a second 1500W PSU Another EVGA I have in a test bench to this system it will be located in the pedestal.

All fans will be replaced with Enermax TB Vegas 120MM/140MM Versions. I wanted to get LED's on all the pans regardless of size and make them match so enermax we go!. The blades are removable for easier cleaning and there very quiet and move alot of air.

DECIMEX STh10 Filters!


Pre Teardown. You can see how it looks (Abit a crappy pic)

Ah Hell lets just go straight to video! These will get longer I've just started doing them but here you go!

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gonna be epic, again
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I Modified the Front 480 Rad support bracket to allow the rad to be installed without removing the front of the chassis and stripped it to bare aluminum.

New Radiator Setup.
6x AquaComputer AMS 480 Full Copper
2X Aquacomputer AMS 360 Full Copper

Total Space 30X120


2X MCP655 PWM with EK Dual D5 pump top
2X EK D5 PWM With EK Dual D5 Pump Top

Quad D5 INC!

2X Aquacomputer Aquero 6 XT

Blocks I have an assortment of EK and XSPC blocks but this time around I think im going to go all XSPC for CPU+ GPU's for the LED lighted look.

Option 1
4X XSPC GTX Titan Razor Blocks With backplate
1 XSPC Raystorm.

Option 2.
4X EK Original CSQ GTX 780ti/titan/titanblack./etc blocks
EK Full Nickle/ Or Full Copper Supremacy block.

Some teaser pics smile.gif **INC**

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