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GTX 780 Classified + G10

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Hi Everyone
I want to cool my 780 with a AIO and i had few questions
1. Is Corsair H55 good enough as i want to over clock my card more (im around 1200MHZ boost clock now) and what kind of temps can i expect ?
2. from what i read i have to apply some heat sinks on VRMs and memory but i dont know were they exactly are and if i need to apply them to any other place ?
( I think the rams are around the GPU and VRMs are the 14 transistor things on the right of the caps )

Im new to this and any help would be appreciated
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1. Yes, the H55 is good enough. At 1200MHz with +62mv you should see temps below 55c. I would shoot for higher (1300MHz+ if it were me)
2. No need to apply any heatsinks since your card comes with a very good vram/vrm heatplate.

The only issue you will run into if you keep the heatplate on is you will need to cut the black posts that surround the GPU core. You can see them in the picture. If you don't want to cut anything (Will void your warranty) you will need to go to individual heatsinks or run your card naked like you would on a stock GTX 780.
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Thank you
yeah i want to push to 1300MHz+ or if the temps and the card hold well 1400MHz.
i dont want to cut the posts that's why i want to add heat sinks as i will be overvolting more
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Could also go with a copper shim if you want to keep the heatplate on without voiding the warranty.
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with copper shim i dont have to cut the posts ?
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exactly, no cutting required.
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that would be the best. is there a guide or something so i can get more info ?
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I"m sure they're some guides around this forum somewhere but it's pretty straight forward. TIM on the gpu, copper shim, TIM on the copper shim, then mount your AIO cooler on it. You should try posting in this thread. Lots of info here, and I'm sure someone has done it to their 780 classified. Was actually thinking of doing it my own 780 classy.
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do you guys think i will get better temps with the zalman lq-310 or H55?
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Adding a copper shim is a great idea thumb.gif See the link below for some options. Not sure which thickness to choose from, probably the thickest one. Between the two coolers you chose the difference would be negligible.

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