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Recently grabbed 3x 6990s off a friend. One is a gigabyte 6990, the other a HIS 6990 and the last is dead but has an accelero cooler on it. Anywayz, I installed the Gigabyte and ran fire strike without any issues. I took it out and put in the HIS. I finished the fire strike benchmark but temps reached over 100 degrees. After taking the cooler off I realised many of the thermal pads were missing. I took the accelero off the dead card and replaced the stock cooler on the HIS. The system booted up fine and idle temps were 38 degrees. I opened up 3d11 but everytime I tried to run Fire strike or Cloud gate, the screen flickered like mad during the loading screen, and then depending on the benchmark the entire PC would either freeze (with fire strike) or show driver error (cloud gate). I played metro 2033 and CS:GO without any flickering or problem. I took out the HIS and put in the Gigabyte and I could run fire strike without any problems.

Anybody know what the problem is?

1090t @ stock
deluxe5 890fx
550w Platinum FSP