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ES x5660 (4core) 12 meg OC 1366

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Hey guys, ive got a x5660 ES and i just bought a real x5650 for the 6cores as this one only has 4.

\anyway, ive got a spare ud3 mobo aswell as the current ud7 i am using atm.

what i wanna do is oc this chip till it burns out or stops being as sensitive to the clocks, but still being respectful to an extent with voltages, if i can save the Ud7 ill try.

Ive had to turn HT off as it doesnt seem to OC well at all with HT on, bare inmind this is just for gaming so HT can stay off.

Turbo is set to ON to achieve 22 strap.

Ram is at 1000mhz 9 9 9 24, 2t

ive tried to oc this chip to 4.6 it does cycle thru the mobo but crashes on windows startup. the voltages are set at pretty much the same as what ive got it now (4.4ghz, 1.4185 in BIOS, 1.396 Under Load and idle)

do you think this is a safe voltage?? or can i push it to 1.44 in bios for 24/7

My qpi vtt voltage is also set to 1.435

Heres some pics, if u have any ideas or want me to try something just holla, ill post more OC tomorrow hopefully save1.png 2384k .png file

Oh and also my temps are at about 70 at this clock, 71-72 with 4ghz HT on im hitting 73-74.

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All x5660 are 6 cores unless it is a xeon 4 cores with a changed microcode.

Btw did you set on msconfig the corecount at 6?

And what does the ihs say?what does the bios say?
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its defs a 4 core, it was even sold and advertised as a 4 core Xeon X5650 Engineering Sample, core revision is A0 how did u miss that??

EDIT: got any Voltage suggestions?
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4.6.png 1748k .png file

I got it to 4.6 with ram at 2100 biggrin.gif:D bad volts tho
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