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Need advice on P9X79 Pro/4930K overclocking

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The following are screenshots of my current BIOS settings:

So far I've managed an overclock of 4.6GHz @ 1.408~1.416v.
I would like to hit a target of 4.8GHz, but am not sure what settings I should be focusing on.
I tried changing the CPU VCORE Offset Voltage to +0.050 (as suggested in some sites) and the system wouldn't boot, so I changed it to +0.025; no boot; tried +0.075 and ran some benchmarks.

These are my results so far:
CPU-Z: 1.360~1.368
Real Temp/Core Temp: max temp was reduced from 78C to ~ 74C mind you the ambient temperature in my room at the time was a toasty 29C (no A/C just yet)

The strange thing is I don't get any BSOD's, the app I'm running simply stops with error message or the PC reboots without any error codes or anything.

Previously, I did have a RAM issue. I had a lot of trouble getting the motherboard/CPU to recognise all 4 sticks in quad-channel. I even took the system into my local PC shop and they didn't know what to do (They basically asked if I could live with it? frown.gif...) I did figure out what the problem was. I reflashed the BIOS using the BIOS flashback and everything works as it should now... smile.gif Single, dual, triple or quad-channel all recognised now in any configuration.

Any suggestions/recommendations? Should I even attempt a higher overclock given the current Vcore and temps? Or, is 4.6GHz about as much as I could get out of this system? smile.gif
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You have little to no voltage or temperature headroom for a 24/7 type overclock (benchmarking, different story). I would leave it as is personally... thumb.gif
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Your only hope is on 125 strap that you might (note might) be able to get 4.7 stable with similar offset however I wouldn't count on it. 1.4v for 4.6 is fairly high as it is. Your temps as mentioned above have no headroom. Plus with 1866 ram the straps you're offered are awkward and you'd lose efficiency unless you can get them stable at 2000 which in itself could open up a can of worms for you to try and solve.
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