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Help with OC i5-4670K

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Hey guys, I've just built my computer and I'm interested in OC. However, this is my first try at it so it's a bit difficult.

My specs:

Coolermaster Haf X full tower rig

Intel i5-4670K

Corsair H100i Water Cooling Kit

MSI Z87-G45 Motherboard

Corsair Dominator 16GB Ram

EVGA GTX 760 Superclocked

Corsair 750 PSU

What my goals / plans for OC:

1. I only play CS GO and a few games for only a few hours a day.

2. Because I play for a short limited time, I want a consistent and constant OC.

3. I am looking for a maximum OC of 4.6 and a minimum OC of 4.2

4. I have bought Intel insurance so not too worried about frying the card.

5. CPU idles at around 38-39 Degrees and Motherboard system idles at 29 Degrees.

Steps I have taken thus far:

I have followed instructions from several sites / videos. What I have done so far...

1. CPU Base Clock remains at 100 MHz

2. Adjust CPU Base clock Strap at Auto

3. Adjusted CPU Ratio to 4.4 Initially

4. Adjust Ring Ratio to be 100 MHz behind CPU Ratio. Adjusted it to 4300 MHz

4. CPU Ratio Mode set to Dynamic Mode

5. Enhanced Turbo turned to auto as well as disabled .... (what setting should this be on?)

6. XMP was turned off and RAM at 1600 MHz.

7. Did not touch VCCIN Voltage

8. CPU Core Voltage Mode was set to adaptive.

9. CPU Core Voltage .....set it at 1.25.....(not sure where to go with this)


Boot up was fine. When turning on prime 95, realtemp, and CPU-Z everything seemed fine.

Temps showed around high 60's to low 70's all across, voltage was about 85-90W on CPU-Z.

But couple minutes into Prime95, the entire system would freeze up. No BSOD but just freezing.

Sources I used:





Please help!!! ^^
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Im confused, you say you have adpative and set the voltage? I thought adaptive used an offset (so a +XXmv type thing instead of 1.xx volts). ANyway, I would use fixed starting out as it is simply easier. If you want to play with the power dropping on idle, do that later.

At a high level, more vcore should help...
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So your suggesting that CPU voltage should be set as fixed and not to mess around (initially) with VCORE?

So i should see how stable the OC is after changing my CPU Ratio?

Two quick questions:

1. Do i fiddle with Ring Ratio? Do i need to make it around 100 MHz lower then the CPU Ratio?

2. If Prime 95 is freezing my entire system does this mean the OC is unstable?

Thanks. biggrin.gif
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Im saying not to mess around with adaptive/offset voltage.

1. I leave it on auto (which it usually sets at 3.9Ghz IIRC)
2. Yes.

Which torture test in P95 are you using? Small FFT or Blend? For CPU testing, use small, for system (including memory) use Blend.
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For the torture test, I simply pressed the option for General torture testing. I'll try running it in Small FFT tonight. Could this be another reason for Prime 95 freezing my system up?

So these are the settings I will tune according to your recommendations.

1. CPU Base Clock stays same at 100 MHz

2. Adjust CPU Ratio to 4.2 and later to 4.4

3. Leave Ring Ratio alone and let it run by itself.

4. XMP turned off initially until cores run stable OC.

5. Leave CPU Core Voltage Mode to adaptive

6. Don't touch the CPU Core Voltage? (confused on this part still)

This should lead to a more stable and safe OC then before? Correct?

Also,when do i know to up the Vcore Voltage?
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Use fixed and not adpative/offset.

If you lower the multiplier, leave the voltage as is.

Depends on the BSOD code or w/e happens. But the first place I would start looking is raising the vcore when freezing, yes.
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okay will do. I'll place it as fixed rather then adaptive / offset.

I'll try raising my vcore if it keeps freezing to see if that works.

Am i assuming that the reason for the crash is because i'm trying to reach a certain OC without enough energy, thus raising it?

Will do tonight in a couple of hours and I'll post proggies to see how it goes.
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Correct... not stable at said clockspeed with x.xx volts. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Earth Dog View Post

Correct... not stable at said clockspeed with x.xx volts. smile.gif

Gotcha, not stable at said clockspeeds...very accurate way of putting it. Thank you for enduring my noobish questions. When i get home I'll post some pictures and hopefully I'll reach a stable OC.

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Here's my progress thus far,

Unfortunately I cannot have a stable OC beyond 4.2.....talk about losing out really badly in the Haswell Lottery. =[

After reaching a stable OC of 4.2 I then ramped up the voltage and speed of my ram and other misc items.

I purchased the Intel CPU insurance. Should I contact them and exchange my CPU in hopes of attaining a better one?

I think a 4.2 OC on an i5-4670K is ridiculous as how the majority of i5 users are reaching min stable 4.4 OC.

What are your thoughts?
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