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new to custom WC...what is best?

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here's my scenario. I have my 4770K under a corsair H80 and i think it does an OK job. however, my two sapphire 7970 vapor-x ghz GPU's need some cooling if i want to maximize my OC (without going LN2 of phase of course)

my question...what would be a mid-range "kit" or setup for cooling my two GPU's together in one loop. I 90% would never expand to 3 GPU's ever so I would like some recommendations on something sized appropriately

I want to cool the whole GPU (vrms) so i think y'all call it a "full block" cooler? I would need two of them, tubing,barbs, res,pump,and rad...right?

I definately have a size constraint as my corsair case (for the rad at least) is fairly full with the H80 already in it (so theres no room left on inside-top of case..Either I get a bigger case (more hassle than i feel like ATM) or possibly consider a 240 rad on the outside back (or top) of the case...any other thoughts?

thanks team!!
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Well, you are essentially cooling, at full load worst case, 500W worth of heat out of 2 7970's. A single 2x120mm radaitor will not cool it much better, if at all, than air. I would go no less than 3x120mm with a push pull fan config to 'properly' cool those cards.
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