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Need suggestions for a good router (up to like $300 budget or so) for 150mbps cable internet

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Hey, I have a 150mbps (down) 10mbps (up) cable internet plan (from TekSavvy in Ontario), but unfortunately my current router (Linksys EA3500) is broken in some way. I get 20-30mbps if I'm plugged into the router, but I get 150mbps if I plug directly into the modem itself (Thomson DCM476.) That's with an ethernet cable; WiFi gives moderately worse speeds.

So I think I need a new router, but internet/networking is one area of technology I am particularly bad at. So I was hoping some of you guys could help point me in the right direction.

The following is some of the info I figure you guys will need in order to best advise me, but please ask me anything else you'd like to know to better advise me.

Below is an image I drew showing my home and which devices are being used on which floors.

As you can see, the modem and router are on the second floor, and the router needs to provide WiFi to all four floors.

Note that while there are some devices (e.g. PS3) which use 2.4GHz "g" WiFi, and some (basement laptop) which use 2.4GHz "n", they aren't particularly important, nor are any of the phones. In other words, I don't mind if all the phones and the PS3 and the basement laptop get relatively slow speeds (anything above 20mbps download is fine, even), but the other computers (all except basement laptop) must not be slow.

As for usage, all devices are usually simultaneously online, and it's not uncommon for multiple computers to be simultaneously streaming HD videos or playing games. Sometimes torrents will be on, but I can cap the torrent's speeds to whatever amount needed.

As mentioned in the title, money is not much of an obstacle, but of course there's diminishing returns to consider. I'd happily pay $150-300 if I'm getting good stuff, but you'd probably have to make a really good case for a more expensive router than $300 for me to be tempted. Just to give you a sense of my budget.

Let me know if you need any more information about my circumstances/wishes to help suggest a router.
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Do you need any other specific features? Such as USB ports for shared storage devices etc.

I'd recommend the Netgear Nighthawk R7000, usually goes on sale around $180.
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I can't think of any other features I need. I don't need USB ports, VPN, FTP server, parental controls, and things like that. That said, it obviously doesn't hurt to have them, I just wouldn't use most of them.

Interestingly enough, I was leaning towards the Netgear Nighthawk R7000 as I had been researching some different routers after posting this thread. But the Asus AC68U seems like an equal competitor to the Netgear Nighthawk R7000. If it were a contest between those two, do you think one suits me better than the other?
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I say the nighthawk is better, due to the slightly faster processor and better usb 3.0 storage speeds (in case you decide to use it later on). Plus it goes on sale for cheaper than the AC68u
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I'm not used to shopping for routers and checking out their reviews. For both the Nighthawk and the AC68U, I see several reviews on Amazon claiming that the routers start to fail after a few weeks/months. Is it common for a minority of router users to experience genuine problems? Perhaps a small percentage of most routers are simply defective?
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is it the radios?
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1750 mbs ddwrt powered.
800mhz dual core
512 megs of ram
usb 3 ports for n.a.s

150, for the price you could own two!

shure would be nice if someone hit that +rep button
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