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So, here's my new build in a Corsair 800D, it's still a work in progress.

There are two watercooling circuits, the first one is for the CPU and is cooled by a 240 (at the bottom of the tower), and the other one is for the gpus, cooled by a 360 at the top of the tower.

I created two holes at the top for the thermometers LCD's. Still need to attach them properly. And paint the mess I did. You can see the two bay XSPC tanks. Each one has a Laing D5 attached behind.

The guts of the PC. The first GC is an old Geforce I'm still using for having more video outputs (projector, tv) and the second one is a 780 Ti that is very powerful smile.gif Did not need more than that so I bought only one and use no SLI. The waterblocks are from EK.

I removed the bottom disk cage that was useless, created a rectangular hole for the incoming airflow for the 240. The space here is tight so I had to use a long pipe to have a smooth waterflow.

There are two UV neon tubes lighting this case.

The picture here shows one thermometer for the CPU's circuit.

I know that the pipes are a little bit long but I could not do anything else to connect the two cards' waterblocks together without having an angle in the pipe.

The CPU's waterblock is also from EK.

The mobo is an ugly Z 77 Extreme from Asrock, it's a rebuild and not a new PC so the mobo is not new. The CPU isn't new either, it's a i7-2600K smile.gif It's really enough for my gaming needs.

I removed with a dremel the hotplug SATA backplane since it was a SATA 2 only. I don't need the hotplug functionality so I just attached the 4 SSD directly in SATA3, they are in RAID 0 mode so the system is really fast wink.gif

Feel free to ask any questions about the build, the modding or the components. First post here so I don't know the rules of the forum smile.gif

Cheers !