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Quick question and I might seem like a total dumb*ss for not seeing this, but where in the 990FX-UD3 rev 4.0 is the C1E option? Old school style bios has an Advanced menu, but the new(er) mouse based UEFI interface doesn't seem to.


I have a Crucial m500 and I keep seeing it running at low speeds (250 read so at half of what it should be). It is alone on SATA 0, Nothing in Sata 1, i do have 2 hdds (sata 2 and 3) and a sata dvd-rw in 4, Bios set to AHCI, using Windows 8.


Ok, so I've done some reading on C&Q and I wouldn't want to disable that permanently. Any other solutuions for speeding up my ssd ?


Apparently what needs to be done is to do what the below links say:

Go into BIOS, set the SATA port of the SSD to RAID MODE, enable RAID 5 on that port, then set the SATA of the SSD BACK to AHCI, save and exit bios. Apparently this brings all speeds up on 990fx mobos without touching C&Q and the rest of the power saving features.

DISCLAIMER - I haven't tried this yet on my system, I will do this tonight when I get home.
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