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7900gt bios has 2d and 3d yet the fan runs at high speed 99.9% of the time. For that 0.1% its in 2d since upon windows start it quiets down for about 5 seconds, then ramps up again before the desktop shows up.

I've test about 10 different nvidia drivers and vga bios in windows 7 x64 ultimate.

Some combinations lock it into 2d, some lock it into 3d...

I don't get why this 7900gt is a nightmare when the 7300GT works great in 3d all day.

I mean I got 600mhz out of the 512mb 7300gt AGP on stock volts in windows 7 x86 on a dual xeon setup. Which by the way runs faster than this 7900gt at bios reported 520mhz which actually yields 540mhz as evga precision see's. How does that correlate into the DELTA CLOCK?

I'd appreciate some help thank u guys so much biggrin.gif:rolleyes: