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One week ago I bought the Tp-LINK TD-W8970 modem/router. It's stock QoS is ok but I wanted more flexibility and options like giving torrents lowest priority and gaming highest or even per application bandwidth management which is quite hard because it needs me to know the IP and port used by the application and generally I am not terribly impressed with the options.

Now I tried finding some custom firmware to no avail. The only thing I found was OpenWRT which seems like in order to flash it I need to modify the hardware on my router which I absolutely do not want to.

So my question is has someone actually managed to flash it with a custom firmware and how did you do it?

If you don't even have this modem/router or you haven't flashed it then which router (not modem/router) which you suggest me to buy? If I am to return it to the shop and get another one then I will only be able to get another router from the same shop. This is the page of the router category through google translate (the source is in Greek). I bought mine for 49.90 euro so from that store the Netgear Wireless Router N 300Mbps WNR2000 seems to be about the same money but if you have another router in mind then tell me because I do not mind sending a little bit more money.