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Intel core i5-560M overclock help.

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hello, so for start to be clear.. yes its a laptop and no it wont overheat,its a laptop mobo in a custom case with a DESTKTOP heatsink fitted to cool the cpu its rated to 125w tdp and my i5 has 35 and around 50-55w while in turbo mode. when i test it with occt it never goes above 35celzius. smile.gif

so the cpu is i5-560M (SLBTS),mobo is asus bios updated and has no options whatsoever (just like any other laptop) to edit the clocks in any way accept speedstep and turbo boost ON/OFF options.

so i was wondering is there any possible way to set the turbo boost freq as default,so it clocks at 3.2 and not at 2.66,. and if not, is there a way to increase the limit of turbo boost clock over 3.2.

im not worried about the heat,setup has overkill cpu cooler,gpu cooler,gpu ram passive heatsinks, ram cooler,and mobo itself has a decent airflow over itself.

so if anyone knows a way to get this done i would be very grateful.
thank you in advance Ivan biggrin.gif
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Go to techpowerup and find the program called "throttlestop". You can lock the turbo multiplier with it.

And I need to see pictures of this! My 460m only maxes at 62c with a cooling pad locked at 2.8ghz
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My issue with low CPU frequency was SOLVED when I've DISABLED the "BD PROCHOT" feature using the software "ThrottleStop 6.0", as it seems my max processor limit temperatures have been set very low by the bios update, so my processor was almost running at minimum to keep below those low limits.

BD PROCHOT = Bi-Directional Processor Hot
Having this enabled also means the your video card can mess and limit your processor's frequency.

Read more about how to use this program here: http://forum.notebookreview.com/hardware-components-aftermarket-upgrades/531329-throttlestop-guide.html
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