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Hi even though this has already been done before I wanted to also do my own build log inspired by brandon6199. I currently already have the following.

Asus Maximus VI hero
16GB 2133 mhz Gskill memory
Two EVGA GTX 680s FTW+ w/backplates 4GB in SLI
1200Watt PSU
1 crucial C300 SSD - Boot drive.
2 Intel 320 Series 300GB SSDs in Raid 0

Corsair 750D

Looking at what hardware I have it becomes clear that I have had some of it a long time, I used to have a i7-2700k and a Z68 Gigabyte board. I know what your thinking why did you upgrade to a 4770k. It was not about performance so much as I wanted the newer Mobo and Proc cause I was having trouble with the older board. And I am going to reuse those parts in a secondary less powerful gaming rig, cause I just simply have the parts and money to do so.

In short, I just wanted to.

Now moving on, learning about the cooling issues with 3770ks and 4770ks I want to get the best OC I can out of my chip and I really like how cool Water Cooling loops look, so I bought a Corsair 750D which I am really pleased with and moved all the parts in the list above to the new case. So I want to water cool just my CPU, I would like to cool the cards too, but at this point it does not feel right buying blocks for cards that are already 1 and 1/2 to 2 years old. I spec'd out blocks already from EK and they are 125$ a piece. I decided ill wait for the next set of flagships from nVidia before I decide to WC those.

Ok so now to explain the inspiration in my title, I am basically copying brandon6199

I have already ordered the following and am waiting for it. I am going to take the advice of someone in brandon's thread and buy the blocks and res pump before buying fittings. Where my build may differ is fittings and I want to include a drain valve. Also not cooling Video cards. Since they are relatively old and this is my first venture into custom loop I want to just do CPU. And by my reasoning if I want to expand the loop later to include video cards that should not be too difficult.

Pump/Res combo - XSPC_Photon_170_Tube_Glass_Cylinder_Reservoir_Pump_Combo_D5_Vario

CPU Water Block - EK_Supremacy_Universal_CPU_Liquid_Cooling_Block_-_Clean_Gold_Plated_EK-Supremacy_Clean_CSQ

My girlfriend is getting me this RAD for my BDAY - Jun 20th - Alphacool_NexXxoS_UT60_Full_Copper_Dual_140mm_Radiator

You will notice my BDAY is couple of weeks out, I have no problem with taking this process slowly. Plus when I am ready to build I have a secondary gaming computer that can hold me over while my main machine is torn down for water-cooling project. That being said here is how my system looks today 06/05/2014.

I know my build wont be as clean as Brandon6199 but I am excited to get into water cooling.
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