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The NEW NZXT Kraken X61

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Release date is end of June.
I was going to get the X60 but it looks like I'm going to hold out for this one instead.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Our 280mm radiator platform gives 36% more surface area over comparable 240mm coolers.
High performance variable speed pump and copper coldplate.
Integrated Hue and digital fan control with CAM compatibility.
New FX140 V2 performance watercooling PWM fan tuned for radiator cooling.
Large tower support with extended 16” tubing and premium black sleeved cables for a clean look and improved airflow.
Completely sealed system backed by an industry leading 6 year warranty.

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No one wants to discuss this?
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It's an improvement over the X60, but it's not as interesting as the Fractal Design Kelvin series, which are expandable with G1/4 threads and Alphacool radiators. As far as AIO coolers go, sealed loops are becoming a thing of the past, just nowhere near as versatile as an expandable loop, as first introduced by the Swiftech H220. Asetek will need to follow up with the rest of the competition, or rely on lawsuits for market share.
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I really want one. I can't wait till it's released in the UK!
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Originally Posted by dodger442 View Post

I really want one. I can't wait till it's released in the UK!

Want one too but waiting for some comparisons first
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I bought an x60 after reading all the good reviews, and it ended up tossing it because I could never get the software to work correctly. Their software conflicts with the Corsair Link software on my AX860i power supply. So I had no control of the illumination or fan speeds on the x60.

NZXT customer support was no help at all. Even after removing the Corsair Link software I could never get the x60 software to work. That was last November, I just checked their site, and there has been no update on the software. My next step was to reinstall windows and all my software, since everything else worked great on this new build I decided to just buy a Corsair H110.

The Corsair H110 is wired so you can just plug the fan connector onto your mother board or a fan controller. The x60 uses a usb interface requiring software that works.
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The X61 and X41 are controlled with their new CAM software which is really nice and easy to use.
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Well now. I am due for an X60 but, I may be up fr waiting depending on how much of an improvement this it.
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Same, hope we get some reviews soon.
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I was about to jump the gun and get a X60 this week. Think I'll keep waiting for the X61 and the Fractal stuff first.
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