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Hey soo i built a pc for a a friend and am having some serious issues which im going to attempt to lay out neatly following.

sooo pretty much the pc;
1. Occasionally locks up out of no where and requires a hard reboot. Ctrl+Alt+Del doesnt register...
2. Always locks up as soon as Chrome is attempted to launch
3. Always locks up as soon as Minecraft begins downloading jar files.
4. Fails to configure Service Pack 1 and has general issues with windows updates.
5. occasional random restarts


Windows 7 Starter (as i said for a friend)
Asus A55BM-E Mobo
A6 6400k CPU
2*2Gb 1600 Gskill Ripjaw X
OEM thermal take PSU

What i've tried...
1.Updated all drivers
2.Flashed bios to latest
3.Fresh installed Windows
4.Java and flash latest edition

What that did...

Nothing... With the updated drivers it did actually make it into minecraft but then locks up within breaking a few blocks. Chrome still locks the whole pc up immediately. Still randomly Restarts. And still thoroughly dislikes windows updates.

Im pretty lost for what this could possibly be and can only really think of some form of hardware failure.

Thanks heaps!