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Quadro and Tesla Owner's Club

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Hello Overclock!

I didn't see an owner's club for Quadro Professional boards on here.... and I figured since it'll be a small bunch I'd lump Tesla in here as well...

Well, let's get started! I know there have to be some owners out there in the professional spaces!

I'll start with a Quadro K6000!

Thanks guys,
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Boy this thread got off to a screaming start. Alex, is that a Phase One camera in your avatar? I have a Quadro M4000 and have been researching Tesla cards for computational stuff. I run seismic software that can benefit but also some video and photo processing software can benefit from Tesla math crunching. The c2075's are relatively inexpensive and have onboard cooling vs most of the passive cooling rack mounted Tesla's. I don't know how much benefit I would get... which means, if you don't know, you probably don't need it. That, and I have not found much info on people using them in workstations vs servers. I'll keep poking around but the idea of a Quadro Tesla club here is a good one. Hopefully someone else will pipe in before another 17 month gap.
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Was tempted by eBay Tesla c2075 and c2070 in the $200 - $300 range. Checked with Nvidia Multi-GPU support and they only work with K series Quadros. My best option for higher companion processing is to add another Quadro M4000 to the tune of about $900. I don't think I'll do that but will watch for price drops or eBay offerings. If I can get one at half that price within a few years, I'll jump on it.
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