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Good luck! thumb.gif

Another option you can consider is the Asus Z97I. You'll need to orient the cooler towards the ram. But it gives a 80mm M.2 port to support large SSDs. But I didn't fully understand their socketing scheme. I am going to wait a generation or two before going to M.2.

Being an engineer, I would prefer to give them some time to figure out how to best use the interface before I jump in.

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thanks, im gonna need all the luck i can get, our local stores arent that good when it comes to stock, availability, and pricing. asus z97i plus cost much more here.
anyway, im going now. dont wanna be late on my flight. thanks again. will post updates here soon
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Hey, Jvill what cpu are you using and whats your temps
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I was able to fit the AXP200R in the MSI z97i gaming.
it was tight, all the motherboard connections are under the axp200. biggrin.gif

I will post pictures after I get a hold of a sg05, I'm using a friend's node304 now with sfx psu intended for my sg05 so cables are not tidied up.

Then again, I think I'm gonna buy this case instead from my friend. My 780ti reference is heating up here already, what more on the sg05. Pretty hot here in our country. mad.gif

i5 4670k currently on stock,
sitting around 35~ idle all cores.
on load (only tested with gaming, battlefield 4 with devil may cry 4 open in the background) around 55-60~ if I'm not mistaken.
I'm gonna check this again later when I get back from work.

I'm really happy with this build, tried downsampling some less demanding games (dmc, dota2, trine2, etc), 3200x1800 on my 1080p monitor. It's fantastic! I tried 2560x1440 on bf4 and the gpu temps were 75-80 I think? cant remember exactly.
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Congratulations on your build, jvill! Glad it fits the msi board. I had the same issue with my AXP-200. I really should've attached all the connections before I mounted the cooler. It gives almost no access to the board once the cooler is on.

I am still waiting on the 500W SFX-L psu from silverstone to release. Right now, I am using a corsair 430W outside my case to power my build. Also, my graphics card fan seems to be making a slight ticking noise if it is facing me. But it is almost silent when facing away, so I have just rotated the case a little. Might RMA the gfx card this weekend. Other than that, it went surprisingly smoothly for my first build. thumb.gif
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That's really good to hear. Just a little more wait before the next sfx psus.
You think the ticking in the gpu is something to be concerned about? If yes, I'd RMA it immediately if I were you to avoid potential problems.

I got a reference card so I need to get used to its acoustics. But its not much of a deal for me, can't hear it through the headset, and the noise isn't too irritating.
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Just an update on how my build is working out.

The ticking sound seems to be from the fan bearing. Does not seem too well lubricated. Actually, same seems to apply to the thermalright fan. I've currently bought a 430W corsair builder series psu that is absolutely silent. Currently have it sitting right in front of the mobo, pulling air from the front. Still waiting for silverstone's 500W psu to release.

Once that happens, am planning on getting an aio to cool the cpu+gpu using a single thick 120mm rad. Goal is not for extreme overclocking or temps, but to reduce this fan noise. The fractal T12 seems to be my best bet at the moment. Fractal claims it should be able to power a gpu block too. Will probably use a universal waterblock. (msi GTX 760 itx has a non-reference pcb, I believe.)

The thermalright cooler is great, but an AIO would've been best for this case and mobo. The height restriction severely limits the fans that I can replace the stock with (quiet 20mm fans are rare and difficult to find), and the heat sink is so large that half the ports on my mobo are blocked off because of it.

How are you finding the thermalright, jvill?
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Is what's annoying you perhaps the PWM ticking a lot of fans have?

See here for an example, scroll down until you see TY-140 and click on the sound sample in the right column:


That list works like this: left column is the fans at their full speed at 12V 100% PWM signal. The right column is the fans running at whatever reduced speed they need to produce exactly the same cooling effect on whatever cooler they were used on in that test.
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Yes! That's the noise exactly. Any suggestions on getting rid of it? Is that a standard thing on all pwm fans? I notice the noctua fans on the same site have a much more muted tone. And the noctua 3-pin fan I have as a case fan is pretty much at the lowest speed (ULNA adaptor), and it has no such ticking noise.
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As far as I know, it's not about lubrication and it's not a manufacturing mistake. Ticking is really simply always there for some fan models. There's nothing you can do. I guess the solution is to try to find fans that don't have that ticking or anything else that's annoying.

I bet an AIO cooler won't be a solution as you'll still have to find a great fan, and you'll additionally get a pump. That pump also might end up being a headache with regards to ticking or other strange noises, and you won't be able to replace the pump unlike what you can try to do with the fan on the AXP-200.

If you do something awesome with water where you have a single radiator for both GPU and CPU, that seems like it should be great as you replace several fans with just one and the pump?

About fans, the PWM Noctua fans have absolutely no ticking. That's their special feature.

I have a 3-pin fan from Yate Loon that has ticking, so 3-pin fans aren't totally safe. frown.gif

Overall I have no idea how to make absolutely sure to not get an annoying fan.

I'm guessing the "Prolimatech Ultra Sleek Vortex 140mm" might be very interesting for use on the AXP-200. It's a slim 140mm fan with 120mm fan mounting holes. Here's the website:


On paper it's a lot more quiet (though also lower max RPM) than the TY-14013 on the AXP-200. That's the fan I would try if there's no space for a normal 25mm thick fan.

You might be able to find sound recordings about that Prolimatech fan on Youtube? It might be perfect, but it has ball-bearings. Those bearings make it last a bunch of years longer than normal fans, but it could produce a quiet "sssssssss" sound. tongue.gif

You can check out what I mean with the TY-141 recording on that website I linked to earlier (the TY-141 has ball bearings).
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