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hi everyone! i just wanted to introduce myself properly.

the first frontside bus i had the pleasure of oc'ing was on my amd 5x86-133, oc'd to 160mhz. soon i was oc'ing the celeron 300a to 450mhz, then a pair of celeron 600mhz oc'd to 1ghz in dual-cpu configuration (miss those abit dual-socket boards), but by the time i got around to the pentium 4, it was in a laptop and my oc days had come to a close in favor of mission-critical stability. Phone, psp and calculator oc'ing doesn't count tongue.gif

now peaking back into the scene a decade or so later and look how far overclocking has progressed! i'm sad to have missed the pencil mod trick, xeon modding, volt modding... so feeling the itch for tweaking and maybe also having a bit of a mid-tech crisis, i'm starting to spec out an sff build so i can get my overclocking hands dirty again.

as i already have dedicated computers for work and personal use, i see this build as more of a 'sandbox' pc for me to play with. i also see the build happening in 3 evolutionary phases. phase 1 of the build is getting a base system to start oc'ing again. phase 2 of the build is to make it into a portable elite dangerous / oculus rift lanparty rig, and will most likely be a gpu, hotas and oculus (might just 'borrow' an old devkit from the lab) purchase. finally, in phase 3 (which might never happen depending on cost and motivation) i hope to custom watercool everything and then retire the entire build to htpc/steambox/garden-fountain status in time for haswell-e and x99.

phase 1 (all parts purchased and assembled by september 2014)

  • intel i7-4790k (latest and greatest. considered starting with a g3258, but figured it would be replaced within months so might as well go for an i7 off-the-bat to save money, time and tim)
  • (PURCHASED) intel g3258 (changed my mind and couldn't resist wanting to play with this little jewel. should hold it's own for video games when overclocked. leaves an upgrade path for Broadwell later. cheap.)
  • corsair h105 (simple. effective. fits in the case i'm looking at.)
  • asus z97i-plus (full-featured without breaking the bank. will miss the power delivery of the maximus impact but at least it's not red-themed.)
  • corsair vengeance pro 16gb (2 x 8gb) ddr3-2400 (reliable and comes in gold to match the asus mobo. yeah, i'm shallow.)
  • random hard drive left over from a laptop upgrade (free and adequate for the time-being)
  • inwin d-frame mini (almost as sexy as the original but hopefully significantly cheaper, and takes up less tabletop real estate.)
  • seasonic ss-760xp2 psu (fully modular, 80+ platinum, atx psu pushing 760w. a great psu for most single gpu builds unless you plan to run an r9 295x)
  • microsoft windows 8.1 pro (oem) (64-bit)

phase 2 (all parts purchased and assembled by february 2015)

  • 'next-gen' gpu (hopefully the market would have calmed down by then)
  • corsair hg10 (closed-loop liquid cooling for reference gpu's)
  • corsair h80i (decent 120mm closed-loop cooler. compatible with hg10)
  • m.2 ssd (availability should be decent by then)
  • saitek x-55 rhino h.o.t.a.s. (good h.o.t.a.s. without thrustmaster prices)
  • oculus rift (if you haven't already tried one, you should. besides the vr thing, head tracking is amazing. this is essential for an immersive experience, especially for games like elite dangerous)

phase 3 (all parts purchased and assembled by july 2015)

  • cpu upgrade
  • custom liquid cooling (acrylic tubing, full copper radiator, cpu and gpu block, etc.)

i hope to document my build from concept to assembly, oc and future upgrades in this on-going log. thanks to for this awesome community. friendly comments and suggestions are always welcomed and subscribe for slow but steady updates!
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