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[SPONSORED] 900D MONSTER XTREME 2.0 - EVGA X99 Classified - i7-5960x - 4 EVGA TITAN X SC - 64 GBs DDR4 CORSAIR PLATINUM 3000 - Page 9

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I went back to take care of the central part of the case or what was the 900D bottom. 
I started trying to stabilize the 4 vertical fans blocks that were only supported at the ends.



I mounted a pair of fans to evaluate how fixing screws protruded and have done various tests with the frame of the grid.




At this point I switched to fix the 4 fans side blocks 




On the back side there was not enough space to insert support




Other support



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I have improved the support for the grid



and I went to fix it




Repositioned everything I went to try and screw the fan block




It remained to realize the recess for the screws that protrude laterally




By tightening the screws of the frame I noticed that it tended to bend over slightly inward, clearly my monkeys could not let it go this thing and began to howl loudly in my head until I settle them.




The result has fully satisfied me and finally even the monkeys!

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But we move on to the creation of the famous grids 
I cut and clean the perforated sheet mesh



put in place and glued with bi-component




And here's the first grid ready!
Bro was so much that I wanted to do it ! this idea was born even before the project's Mod, thanks to Bill Owen for having unleashed the monkey! ;)



Some tests




On the outside I have perfected a couple of details which I was not satisfied




I then placed the outside grill, blocked, drilled and fastened.



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I also started a mini-project for the illuminated plane



I dedicate myself to the structure 
I have taken measures



and started cutting and assembly




some test




In practice I put a strip Led in the profiled, under a sheet of mirror plexy to maximize the effect light  (which will insert the open side) and above a slab of red plexy, which should give a diffused light effect. 
I also did a test with a panel of white plastic that I had.



The final touch on the open side




And here is the full support of the illuminated plane



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I went to take care of the  grids of the 2 single fans positioned on the bottom of the 2 Cooling Tower :
both internal grids:


and external:




And here is the result of 4 grids 
the internal



and the external



I'm then going to try them in their final position




and then positioned it on Coling Tower, remember that this is the bottom, the tower is upside down in the picture



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I wanted to reassemble the Monsta 560 to see the real dimensions.
Here is the Coling Tower with the Rad mounted and bottom fans block mounted.



To position the grid I had 2 options, higher than 2 cm wire of the section, it would seem more beautiful and clean as a solution but it is very close to the RAD and didn't convince me much



or lower than about 2 cm above the base, this solution leaves few cm above, it has the disadvantage that the screws of Coling Tower clutter up and that the grid could touch the fan's fixing screws.



I chose the second solution, however, and I went to modify the grids




The grid at this point fits perfectly between the profiled in the bottom of the Cooling Tower




The grid is however so in contact with thefan  fixing screws 



I have, however, planned to use the rubber adhesive under the grids to prevent vibration, so I thought if I put 2 layers instead of 1 maybe they are sufficient 
I then tried




And it work. I am then passed to fix the grids to bottom cover of Cooling Tower, but I had to move a couple of screws on the main piece



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I then moved to take care of the grids that cover the side fans blocks, I did some tests to verify that placement of the grid was correctly centered, I also need to take measurements for draw a cover plexy panel that I want to put under the grids.




I also positioned the 900D original windowed panel in his normal position, as I knew this forces me to move down my grid of 1.5-2 cm.




I then decided to move the panel higher than about 2 cm, however, on top of  I'll mount an extension of the case.




But let's build the structure where I will fix these grids




I also mounted fans




I drilled in the 4 holes at the corners of the frame




And I mounted the frame of the future grid so that it was centered both with respect to the case that the fans



The screws are only temporary and will be replaced by chrome the blind nuts 
I'm then moved on to do a similar operation for the front



To take the measures I then placed a fan in the support




I also went ahead with the various grids, I'll spare you the whole procedure, the same as last time: perforated sheet metal cutting to size, filing, sandpaper, cleaning, positioning and glueing with bi-component.
Here is the result of the lateral grids


And the front grilles



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As you know I want to use chrome blind nuts to secure everything in sight, the provision of these nuts become so important to the final appearance. 

I then thought of a way to use something other than the screws, and I thought of this: a screw with a hex head on the section to be glued and covered by a tie bar, here's a test that I did quickly




I fixed these covers waiting to put under the screws at a later time.
I prepared the sections L and smoothed structure (including bolt heads) to which I wanted fix it



and I went to fix them along the corners where I'll put the screws to secure the plexy and the grid




Same thing on the top




The idea is to make on the structure only few holes


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Here, finally, the working of the last grids, cutting of perforated sheet
These are the ones that cover the fans output from Monsta 560 mm



This big is for the top of the case, I do not know if I'll add something here



I will spare you the working, but I'll post some photos, and I assure you that saw so is very impressive



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If you read the presentation in the first page you know that the first to sponsor my project are my friends C3r34L KilL3rs and Tombino- of EXTREME MODDING FACTORY



And with them I will build the various covers in plexy, I started doing a some drawings in autocad and I have to thank them once again for the availability and support even with pieces of test!



and the critical part of the front where there is Aquatube and Filter by Aqua Computer




A some settings mede by C3r34L KilL3rs of EMF




And then, the legendary C3r34L KilL3rs at work













And here is the final result for this test piece




Thanks BRO !



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