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Corsair 540 Upgrades

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Hello all,
First, I used to be a member here like 5-6 years ago but went to college and fell out of the whole OC thing. I'm looking to game again and my laptop obviously doesn't cut it so I'm looking to replace some stuff on my old desktop I built but I'm just not in "the know" on newer products so I've come to you guys for some input. First, my desktop as it stands.

  • AMD Phenom 9850 @ 3.0 Ghz
  • 8 GB 800 Mhz, 4 sticks
  • 250 GB OS drive(Seagate), 640 GB extra drive (WD Black)
  • AMD HD4870 512 MB
  • Some AMD motherboard (I'm not sure on the exact model because my box is in my parents basement)
  • 1680x1050 22" monitor
  • 750 watt power supply, not even bronze certified.

So, right now I'm playing Wildstar and Bioshock. I've never felt the need to build the ultimate build so that it can play any game I want. I'm totally happy with playing on medium-high settings on some demanding games. Keep in mind I'm only displaying to one monitor at 1680x1050 resolution. So a couple things I think I need to do are a) buy an SSD for the OS and some key programs b)get a new case because my current one is **** and c) get a new graphics card.

I'm thinking about going with this 256 GB Crucial drive. It's affordable and not too large or small in the capacity department.
Crucial SSD

I'll keep my 640 WD Caviar Black for all my music and other stuff but I won't be doing any RAID or anything so I just need 1 SSD for my purposes. Is this a good choice? I really don't want to spend more than $125 for a drive.

My case is in shambles. It's a thermaltake and most of the fans are broken. I could just replace the fans but I figure I might as well get a quality case and call it a day. I really like the aesthetic and multichamber approach of the Corsair 540. Any other ideas?

Power Supply and Graphics
This is where I haven't really done any research. Considering my board is meant for AMD I would need to keep it to an AMD card. I'm thinking like 2 GB of memory for a little future proofing but I have no idea what all this R7 and R9 stuff is. Somewhere around the $150-$200 range for a single card is about what I need I'd imagine.

The power supply is something I never really understood. Obviously, I know what it does but I'm pretty sure when I built this first years ago I didn't pick a great one. I would imagine it would need to be around 500-750 W and would like some modular ability but I just don't know anything about who makes good supplies.

I know my CPU, board, and memory could use an upgrade and will be the weaker components once I get some new stuff but I don't want to spend 1k right away so I'll just plan on upgrading these later. Could I get an AMD graphics card now and use an Intel CPU and chipset later?

I'm also on Windows Vista right now but intend to order Windows 8. I would prefer Windows 7 but I can still get a student discount on Windows 8 so I'm not sure if that would change any hardware choices.
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MX100 for SSD is a great choice. 540 is a nice case but look at the Enthoo Pro by Phanteks. It about ~$20 cheaper and imo is a better build case. For GPU, you can get a 7950 used for about $150ish or a brand new one which is now called the r9 280 for about 200 after rebate. For your power supply, it would helpful you can post the model of it.
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Current Power Supply

I would like to get something with better efficiency but I'm not sure.
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