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For Sale: [FS] EVGA GTX 760 ACX

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: US48

XFX 7950 Double D black edition 3GB card - I bought this second hand a few weeks ago from a friend from whom it got very little use. I put it through its paces for the last week and the card has no problems (decent little overclocker as well), but I decided to keep my current card instead because of the cooling solution. This comes with the card only but I will also throw in an 8 to 2-6pin splitter and a molex adapter. This card was NOT used for mining. $150 Shipped

EVGA GTX 760 ACX 2GB - I received this as a brown box warranty replacement from EVGA. I'm fairly certain it was a new replacement, but it may have been an exceellent quality refurb. I've used it for about a month for light gaming. Includes pictured box, card, and any other accessories I can find from previous cards. $220 Shipped

$150 - 2x Asus GTX 560 DCU II - Both are fully functional/no artifacting or any similar issues and no unusual fan noises or cap whining. These cards were run in SLI. This will include both cards, 2 molex adapters, a DVI -> VGA adapter, and 3 games (pictured, not sure if BF3 will activate). Condition notes: Card 1: Missing one of the fans. Gets a bit warmer under load than the other card due to this, but still stays near reference load temperatures @ stock fan setting (mid 80s) alone and close to that as the bottom card in SLI. Also has a slightly crushed aluminum heatsink fin (see pic). Card 2: No issues, both fans intact. Both cards: Please note that both of these cards have a bit of cigarette odor (got them second-hand in a bundle). Accordingly, the I/O plates are a bit tarnished, probably from exposure to said smoke. Only selling as a pair.

Prices OBO. Only accept payments through Paypal.

Mod note: Used pictures from my full-system part-out thread, where it is also listed, so the date is current to that thread (http://www.overclock.net/t/1496345/fs-ft-infinites-evolving-parts-thread-updated-6-23).
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Open to offers on the 760
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