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Like a lot of others that want high resolution, I don't care about games - or even movies. In '78 I was railing against 24x80 character screens (I jiggered those to 48x96) and was envious of NASA's monitor that I got to see once that was 1024x1024 - in color. It took a half a room. I personally won't be satisfied until every rod and cone in my retina has (at least) its own direct input. For a monitor, a 3'x4' screen (60") with 300 dpi would be a good start (basically 16k resolution). That is NOT too big for my desk. Too many displays are wide but not very tall which is not very usable. I don't feel any need to be compatible with TV or move screen formats. That can fit in a window. Better yet is a wall screen at the same resolution. And when people talk about what you can see - I sit 2' (or less) from the display and have 20/13 vision (working to make it better). Some extra stem cells in the retina might be a good approach.

So, yes. Given the money I will upgrade.