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Posthumous (sorta) build log - Caselabs SM8, 4930k, Geforce SLI, Rigid Acrylic loop, Bitspower and EKWB

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Well, I had intended to document this build, with much enthusiasm and excitement. But I got really busy inbetween work and school, and all my free time immediately went to either sleeping, or building this rig as fast as possible.

So next thing I knew, I was practically finished! I have it up and running and im pretty satisfied with it, however I still have several finishing touches I need to implement. In the meantime, I felt like id post the draft I had created for this log, and ill add some photos from during and after that ive accumulated since then.

Hope this is sufficient and doesnt go against any rules!

For the Passionate Overclockers out there, I salute you! (with my pretentious intro)

DISCLAIMER(sort of):
Let me begin by stating that this is my very first build log, and I ask members to bare with me through any potential unpleasantness, inconveniences or ignorance to forum and thread log standards. Considering that I have already accumlated the majority of required parts and hardware, and have a generally good idea about the layout and execution of its construction, I doubt the log will provide very much live and consistent content to be updated. I figure the pictures and article/review-style nature of this log, in addition to my meager personal insight and opinion may be more/less abundant than traditional build logs....


This rig is a culmination of all my interests, learning experiences, virtuosity and desires in relevance to technology, science and performance. A RAT RACE within my mind of all these little pursuits in educations of my attractions and curiosities, a blend of my opinions through aesthetics, speed, diligence and even the future's perspective in regards to the overclocking community.

Im sure we have all been there... trawling the extranet (ME anyone?) through countless choices of hardware wetware and the latest n' greatest in applied electronics automative KNOW-HOW, no matter each items laden with the foreboding of how you will simply desire another upgrade in place of the previous before you even toss the box in the dump....

But this time, I truly feel ecstatic in the sense that I will be SATISFIED with my rig for years to come. No more changes and frequent teardowns, no more late nights/early mornings tinkering with my beloved, everything around me covered in metal screws and overclocking PARAPHERNALIA!! I swear I nearly drove myself and even my family to the edge with my delinquent performance and aesthetics pursuits.

This Rig, will illustrate the illuminating delight of all that being TOTALLY WORTH IT.


-CaseLabs Merlin SM8, two tone black wrapped with white-
-Gigabyte X79 UP4 LGA 2011-
-Intel Core i7-4930k IVB Extreme-
-16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 1866MHZ-
-3 way SLI EVGA GeForce GTX 770 2GB DDR5-
-Two Corsair 80+ Platinum AX860 Power Supplies

...and for the bread and butter of our systems here on ze great Overclock.net...

specool.gif***The COOLING System***specool.gif

-Dual Swiftech MCP35x DDC pumps
-Bitspower aluminum DDC heatsink housings
-Dual Bitspower DDC POM black tops, and the respective 150mm reservoir top upgrades kits (purchased black tops, but also got extra 3 holed clear caps, along with the aqua pipe and anti-cyclone adapters that normally come with their reservoirs)
-Entire loop fitted with Bitspower Crystal link 12mm tubing, and black sparkle fittings for all angles and connections (no tube bends)
-EK Clean Plexi Nickel Supremacy CPU block
-EK Full cover Acetal Nickel GTX 770 blocks with backplates
-EK 240mm XTX radiator
-Alphacool 360mm UT45 radiator
-Corsair Air Series SP120mm and BitFenix Spectre Pro 140mm fans

Some pictures of the hardware and assembly before/during building:

Was extremely excited to finally get my SM8. If you are even remotely considering a caselabs chassis, GET IT. Its totally worth it. I can honestly say I dont think ill ever buy another chassis ever again, unless I did it purely for looks or simply because its been so damn long lol.

Switching ATX layout, always wanted reverse case, but forgot to tell them during ordering lol.

Swiftech MCP35x completely transformed. The Bitspower heatsinks were critical, before I had the pumps inside a Koolance single 5.25" bay res, and they would always be around 35c idling, and could easily hit 45c at full speed within a hour or so. These made a world of difference.

Mostly Completed build:

Ill add more pictures soon!
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looking very neat, me like wink.gif
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