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Hello everyone
After i google it a lot, i couldn't find a solution. I want to modify the colors, they look washed out.
Like in Windows / Nvidia Control Panel, there is an option, called Digital vibrance.
Is that possible somehow, under OS X ?
I did try to create a profile, from settings / display, calibrate, but i don't really like it. Under Windows 7, the colors look really awesome, IMO
I don't understand. Such a great company like Nvidia / ATI / Apple, don't have this option, for an OS ( Nvidia Control Panel, CCC )
Especially for OS X, where a lot of people are editing photos, videos.Some people say, Digital Vibrance is not natural, but others like that, so do i.
I know, there are hardware calibrators, professional monitors, etc, but a software option like Digital vibrance would be great, also.
I tried to modify from the monitor menu, as well, but the colors looks washed out.
There must be a trick / way / third part application / option / to do that
Linux is free, and there is this option included in the " nvidia-settings " called Digital vibrance.
You think it's possible to create a color profile under Linux or Windows 7, with all the Nvidia Control Panel settings, included Digital vibrance ( like a color profile ) and after that, i should try to convert this profile for OSX ?!
Any ideas are welcome.
Thank you in advance