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Originally Posted by detto87 View Post

So you have no argument for a heavy mouse then.
The lighter the mouse the better. I learned that the hard way.

Imagine your hand moving across your mousepad with nothing in it (0 grams).
You'd have the most accurate movement.
One of the reasons why the Kinzu mouse was and is used by some top level players even though it has a bad sensor.

Okay so now that the joke seems to be lost. For me I want the heaviest mouse I can find, A light mouse moves almost to easy and does not give me the accuracy you described. I want the movement to be deliberate and thought out and would rather not bump the mouse and have it fly across the screen mid fight.
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That's why I said you compensate for the added speed you might get with the lower weight with your sensitivity settings in-game. If the mouse stays big enough for your hand and feels sturdy enough there is no benefit to make it heavier.
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