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Safety wire, or bailing wire. It is stiff and weighs enough to hold it steady.
I always have a big spool of it on hand.
I also use it to mount fans and do all kinds of other stuff.
Alright, I just finished painting a second cable. This one I completely de-pinned and created a jig using nails in a scrap piece of plywood and fishing line to suspend the wires. This made it a lot easier to paint as I could get all sides of the cable without having to flip it or having it get stuck to the cardboard I was painting on. The cable did turn out a lot better, I did more coats and kept the coats thinner than I did before. I still need a little more practice with this vinyl dye, but it appears to have great potential. Also, the older cable it holding up just fine. And just now as I am typing this, I realized, I forgot to clean the cables with isopropyl alcohol before painting. This is probably what I am going to end up doing. I may also spray a few more just to figure out the best way to do so prior to painting the cable I need.