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Got a issue with either this motherboard or the power supply but suspect the motherboard.
This is a build for a client. It has been running for a year before having issues.

  • Intel Core i3 3240
  • GigaByte GA-H77N-WIFI ITX
  • Corsair CX430M
  • Kingston HyperX 4GB
  • Samsung 840 120 GB

What I tried so far:
Memtest86+ passed
Replugged all cables.

What I haven't checked:
Perhaps issue with grounding or unstable power to the power supply?
Hibernate or sleep perhaps?

The issue seems only to persist on the client's home, since i can't reproduce it.

What I have done to solve it was either clear CMOS or unplug all USB devices attached.
Hence the reason I suspect the motherboard. But I could also suspect Hibernate/Sleep.

The motherboard is running the latest bios: F4
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