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i7-3960x Vs Xeon E5-2660

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I have a X79 Asus Sabretooth motherboard and 4 sticks of G.Skill 2400MHz CL9 RAM... I have both a Xeon E5-2660 (8 core, 2.2GHz, 20mb cache, 95w) and a 3960x (6-core, 3.3GHZ, 15mb cache, 130w) in my possession..

The machine is generally used for gaming and highly modded FSX, and the usual stuff. The system is on for 16-24 hours a day.

Which one would you choose to have in your system, and why? I am obviously looking for best performance and some OC ability but I'm not benchmarking.... power consumption will be taken into consideration, but not at the expense of losing a lot of performance, if it is only small then ok.
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Almost exact question I've asked not long ago http://www.overclock.net/t/1500673/i7-3960x-4800-vs-es-xeon-e5-2687w-4000-advice-needed . Only I don't have any mobo and CPU yet, only gonna choose.

Maybe you simply run benches and got concrete results which one is faster? And share results with comminity?

I'm myself inclined to go for E52687W if I find one, but I've stumbled upon article which says Ive-E 22nm Xeons V2 are lot cooler and less power hungry than SB-E ones. But then cost is yet expensive
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