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Hi Everyone,

My first post here. I used to be a "hardware guy" back in the days of 3 & 486 .... yea, lots of grey here.
I have been running Macs for work and home for many years now but all of a sudden find myself in need of a platform.

This is not a gaming platform. I want to buy/build a system to run VMware images, lots of them. (It will have 14 or so with as many as 6, I hope, running at once)
Some of the images will do image processing on Windows or Linux.
One will be a home media center
Some are proprietary operating systems that are self contained.

What I would like are recommendations for the following: Motherboard, CPU(s) or a system. (I do not feel compelled to "build it")

Here are my requirements:
Intel Cores (the proprietary VMs require Intel CPUs due to embedded micro code).
Maximum number of virtual CPUs (cpu threads)
32GB ram

I have seen talk of dual "quad core" mother boards, and i have see the Intel Hex Core

Budget for the "system" would be in the $2k range, so as much as I would love dual Hex ... it's not in the cards.

Any recommendations of where to start would be appreciated.

-- Ray