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I'm new on this forum.
I bought MB ASUS P5Q SE which supports 2 FDDs (not generally know, described by friend).
He said that all P5Q series MBs (Pro/E/SE, Deluxe...) it supports.

BIOS is outdated I mean.
I have connected 4 HDDs - 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB and 3 TB - last one is not correctly recognized in BIOS (there's shown capacity 800 GB) but works.
BIOS allows to configure one floppy only, but in boot options is marked as "1st Floppy".

Really maybe I need to upgrade BIOS, but have anybody experience or knows how to get available 2 FDDs (in BIOS or only in Windows 8.1 Pro) ?

Thank you for all help. I need very strongly 2 FDDs (3,5" 2,88MB and 5,25" 360K) - both are connected. It's for my hobby Commodore 8-bit computers.