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The idea behind this build is to take my old components (i7 920, GTX 680) and overclock them as much as possible with watercooling. It's the first time I've used watercooling in a build, so any advice will be very appreciated.

The loop I'm considering will consist of a single Alphacool XT45 3x180mm radiator, a pump and a tube reservoir, I plan to install a perspex window at the front of the case, so you'll be able to see the reservoir through the window.

I have the radiator, I just need to order the res, pump, coolant and tubing now. I'd really appreciate some recommendations.

I'll update this thread with some pictures later today.

By the way, does anyone have experience using a TBalancer bigNG? I own one, which I could use in this build, but I'm not sure how to incorporate it with the watercooling.

Thank you for reading. :-)