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Originally Posted by badtaylorx View Post

yeah, i smoked an NZXT hale90 850 myself..... with a cppl sapphire vapor-x's 290

Vapor-X 290s suck a lot of power compared to other 290s.


If you have anything other than a Vapor-X 750w should be fine with no overclocking, but it'll be pretty close to the limit of the PSU (which personally I'm uncomfortable running my PSU at for a few hours at a time).
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I have a saphire r9 290x tri oc and a saphire r9 290 tri oc and I am able to crossfire them without any issues. I also noticed that playing gta 5 i never went over 670 watts. My other components are an msi g45 motherboard, a corsair 750watt psu, i5-4960k, a 120gb kingston ssd, a 2tb hhd, a n lg blu-ray drive, a noctua heatsink, a fan controller. and 6 corsair fans.
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I assume you have already tried this since you post is a year old, but with the card taking up to 375 watts ( http://www.sapphiretech.com/productdetial.asp?pid=D4AC4856-9166-4C37-A7D6-ECDD3EEB4C17&lang=eng ) and your system being under a load of 670 watts with a max of 750, I guess your PSU would **** a brick and die rather than run those two cards.
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I gave that computer to my sister so she could play rise of the tomb raider and she hasn't had any issues so far.
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