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Roccat Savu Rear Light and DPI Switcher Problem

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I bought a Roccat Savu today and noticed a problem when setting up the rear light colour; when a custom colour is selected under the "advanced control" tab of the driver software, breathing effect cannot be enabled even when the "breathing effect on/off" checkbox is ticked. If any of the preset colours was chosen in place of custom colours however, breathing effect would come into effect with no problem. I wonder if it is a design flaw in the product or this particular mouse that I bought is a defective unit.sadsmiley.gif

In addition, a bug is found in the driver program; I selected only 800 and 1600 in the DPI switcher under the "main control" tab for DPI cycle with one button. While it does what it's supposed to do after applying the settings to the device, every time when I reopened the driver program, the 400 DPI checkbox would be automatically ticked. Although I could easily uncheck it every time before applying any new changes, it does feel sightly cumbersome and Roccat could have been more thoughtful, or at least more diligent with rolling out fixes through driver updates. Sadly, it has been two years since the latest driver for the Savu was released.thumbsdownsmileyanim.gif
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I can confirm the 400 dpi bug, but not the custom color one. (just tried both)
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Thank you for trying to reproduce the problems. I just figured out the cause of the 1st bug; if you set any of the R, G, B values to be 255 (max possible value), breathing effect will be disabled regardless of the status of the "breathing effect on/off" checkbox. Otherwise, the breathing effect would function normally.
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I just discovered the 255-value bug as well.

Also regarding the second bug:
The driver rechecks the unchecked dpi values when I simply look (not even apply it) at a profile with a different active dpi setting.

For example, I have
400 and 1600 on one profile (1600 is currently active) and
800 and 4000 on the other profile (4000 is currently active):

If I'm viewing the first profile and then switch to the second one,
the second one will have 800, 1600 and 4000 dpi checked (4000 still active).
Then I can click on the first profile again and it will have (400, 1600 (still active) and 4000 checked).

very annoying...thanks Roccat...
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Also, I'm having tons of problems with

a) profile switching through an easyshift-button:
Every time I change the profile this way the easyshift button "gets stuck" which results in not being able to click anything. Of course that's great cause the driver settings can't be changed by using a keyboard.

b) automatic profile changes:
My Roccat Isku fx detects the programs I use without an issue and then switches to the correct profile.
However, the Savu doesn't detect anything... (I use the exact same .exe-paths with both devices. It's the ones the task manager shows in the details/processes tab. Also I'm using windows 8.1)

Do you have any ideas on solving any of those bugs?
Also, should I just start a new thread or something? biggrin.gif
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Yeah, my Savu doesn't switch profiles too, but I set games like dota2.exe and hl2.exe(CSS), which are launched through Steam. It works just fine with pure executables.

Don't sure about other bugs. Have you tried to install\reinstall newer\older firmwares?
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Yeah, I tried different firmware, but there was no improvement.

I have a default windows profile, one for "Sublime Text 3" for coding, one for Photoshop CC and one for BF3/BF4. I haven't tried the Battlefield profile yet (busy week), but the mouse doesn't react to the other ones at all...even though the Isku fx switches profiles right away. hmmsmiley02.gif
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