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So I just got the stacker case 935 and have another one on the way. I have looked the first main tower over and wish they would have allowed the chance to flip the case around so the windowed panel would be facing the other direction. Just seems they went so far to make it modder friendly but just looked that option over?
I really want to use the open area of the 915 with the open(top) portion of the 925 for Rad and airflow while keeping the window on the non standard side.
I was really excited after checking out the reviews and videos but kind of lost the steam when I realized that I would not be able to use it the way I hoped to.
I guess I will have to drill some holes and flip around the case to get the desired orientation I want.
Anyone know if they sell railings that allow you to switch the cases orientation?
I'll post a pick up soon
Thanks for the help,