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If you fit it as close to the drivebay as possible, and leave a space at the bottom front intake, i think, then you should be able to fit 2 of them
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Such a big case but with very limited options.
Is there no case that can easily take 2 360? (Front and top?)
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I don't know, you will have to go do some research on cases. The 900d is the only one i can think of offhand, but that case is HUGE..I personally only have 1 issue with this case, and that was the front 360 rad.................all corsair had to do was make it 1cm taller and most 360 rads would have fitted without issue................
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And why rivet in the bay cage. Everything else is removable... Cmon corsair.
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How are you guys fitting 3x 120mm fan's in the front? I've been trying to squeeze it in there, but it's pushing the tabs that hold the filter in place up, doesn't seem like a good idea to leave it stressed like that.

If all else fails, maybe it's time to break out the Dremel and chop some off the top? Using Corsair SP120's..
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When i first started, i also thought they don't fit,The fans are right up against it and it is a tight fit, even the fans are right up against each other.....
But it all fits with no issues:thumb:
You fitting a rad aswell?
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I've tried everything. No matter what I do, the fan is pushing on those tabs, just doesn't feel too comfortable to me. I've heard using different fans make fit. What fans are you using?

And just a 120mm in the front, and 360mm on top.
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I'm using Corsair sp120 - LED........same size as normal sp120's
here's a couple of pics

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Hi guys! 780t proud owner here! manage to build myself a custom watercool system. biggrin.gif

Asus Sabertooth Mark 1 Z97

Intel i7 4790K

Crucial MX100 500GB SSD

Gigabyte Windforce G1 GTX 980 SLI

G-Skill RipJawsX 16GB 1600mhz

Asus ROG SLI Bridge

Corsair 780T

Corsair SP120 X6

EK PE Series Radiator 2x360mm

EK D5 PWM Pump

EK Supremacy Pump PWM

EK 980 GTX WF3 Nickel Plated Waterblock X2

EK Reservoir X3 250

Extension cables custom from Mainframe

All fittings and parts from EK. Black nickel and acrylic tubing

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Awesome build:thumb:
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