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[Build Log] Black Tundra (With 0c TEC cooling! :D)

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Hi everyone! This will be my very first build log that I am doing for a pc that I am building for myself smile.gif

List of components -
Gigabyte x58 oc - already owned
Intel i7 - 930 - Owned
12GB Corsair Dominator Ram - Already owned
3 way sli gtx 680 - Already owned
Silverstone 1k PSU - Already owned
Corsair Obsidian 800d - Already owned
1 X 60gb Patriot SSD - Already owned (For OS)
2 X 500gb Western digital Green Drives -Already Owned
2 X 180gb Intel SSD - owned
2 X 1TB WD Blue drives - Own 1, need to order 1

Watercooling components
Bitspower Matte Black Fittings 7/16id/5/8od -ordered
250ml Res - Already owned
D5 Pump - Already owned, it lives!
Black ice 360mm - owned
Black ice 120mm - owned
Black ice 240mm - owned
CPU TEC Block - owned
12 X Zalman 200rpm fans - Already owned
3x heatkiller gtx 680 waterblocks

Misc. Components
Sleeving for PSU - got it
Fan Hub/Controller - nzxt grid+
The gpu blocks I ordered are silver, I am going to use (plastidip?) to paint them black tho, again, I'm open to suggestions/recommendations from more experienced computer builders smile.gif

Now onto the Idea, my old 800d before I tore it down looked like this -

Although it looked ok, the loops developed many kinks (3) and the gpu blocks were so restrictive, so I'm positive that's why my D5 pump is dying and I will probably have to get a new one tongue.gif

edit: will look very similar to this once done, with minor differences, with biggest being 240mm rad in bottom will be mounted flat and not sideways

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy my build log!
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Looks cool man! Looking forward to the finished product.
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Originally Posted by mocboy123 View Post

Looks cool man! Looking forward to the finished product.

Thanks! I'll try to keep it updated as much as I can, but I am in college now and classes come first smile.gif
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I received the gpu waterblocks in the mail today, they look good.. but too bad they won't be matching with my all black color scheme looking all silver n' stuff, so they will be painted black when I have the chance smile.gif

Next off is the case, It's funny empty now, but I'm happy because it's a fresh start

And maybe this was why my temps were a bit high rolleyes.gif (but i also had a really bad kink, but i tested the pump today and its flow rate was fine, so i won't need to buy a new pump smile.gif )

Much more to come!
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Did a mockup of about where the res will go, (it will need to be moved more over, because radeon 6990s are long), and the rad with push/pull configuration.

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Liking the idea you have mate, subbed. I need to see how this one pans out!
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So, I didn't really plan for this, but I did it out of impulse, I had been wanting a firewall computer for a little while, but the old dell that a friend gave me wasn't exactly playing nicely and I could never get the darn thing to work with anything, but I cam across this on newegg and bought it:

Created with GIMP

It's thin enough to fit comfortably behind my 800ds motherboard tray. I also picked up 2gb of ram for it, and I'm going to get an msata drive for it soon, there is only 1 thing I am missing to make this go smoothly, and I would like to know, is it possible to buy an opposite version of this:

Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

Basically, instead of turning the 24pin power into dc power, I would like to turn the dc power into a 24pin.

Thanks smile.gif
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Update! Well sorta:p

I decided on my cpu block:

It's a TEC Waterblock, so I plan on going sub-zero with my xeon L5638
Seems as though this build gets a little crazier every time I update with the stuff I ordered thumb.gif
Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy what I will be building in the future
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Small update:

I received my fan controller in the mail-an NZXT GRID+ controller, i'm looking forward to how the well this little thing will actually handle the fans I'm going to use.

I also received the itx motherboard that I will be using for IPfire and that will go behind the 800d mobo tray:

Quick mockup of what it will look like behind the mobo tray, I am very happy because I mounted it after taking the pic with standard motherboard mounts and I had no interference with putting the side panel on:

Quick shot of the graphics card blocks, although in the future these will be painted black:

Also, if anyone knows the highest heat dissipating 360mm radiator out there, please inform me, I plan on running fans that run at around 2000~ rpm if that helps. I would like it to be able to dissipate around 500-600 watts in a push pull configuration. thanks smile.gif

Now I should probably get back to writing that history paper I have due in a few days rolleyes.gif
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Update! biggrin.gif

Someone called me a mad scientist with all this tec stuff I was doing, and it kinda made me feel like:


now back to the actual update:

I have all the parts I need to test, so I built my test loop, altho I need to allocate some thermal paste so I can actually start using my tec frown.gif
Other updates:
Decided to not use my 6990s because of the heat they put out, and because most of the games I play I don't think really even would use the quadfire, so I put the 6990s on the fleabay and now I'm on the hunt for some gpus that put of less heat, Ideally, I want SLI 580/680/670(longpcb)/770 because that fits my budget at they put out a lot less heat, and in this project, the less heat from the gpu the better so the TEC can run colder. If you know someone with identical gpus that were aforementioned, please send me a pm because there is an extremely high chance I would be interested in them. My only stipulations would be that the pcb and waterblocks be black.
I'm sad I don't get to use my 6990s but it's better this way sad-smiley-002.gif
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