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EVGA GTX 780Ti SuperClocked OC help

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I've the last few days been looking around for resources and other reviews/threads to further help me OC my card, I came across a few here on the forums as well as in other places where people were able to get 120+ Mhz core clock and 300-400+ Mem clock speeds out of these cards being stable in Valley.

Short version of the story; I'm not.

So far, what I've done is trying to increase the GPU core clock with EVGA's Precision X in increments of 50, then running Unigine's Valley's Extreme HD preset for benchmarking and stability testing. Valley got to about test 16/18 before the program itself crashed. No display driver crash, just the program itself. I thought it might be because of a bad clock so I decreased it to 40 then launched the program again, it crashed as soon as I hit "Run". I then thought it might be something PX did, so I defaulted all settings and started Valley again just to have the program yet again crashing as soon as I hit "Run".

I tried restarting my computer and got hit by a BSOD upon loading Windows 8, after rebooting again, it started up like it never happened. I'm not sure what's going on and I might need some insight.

Driver version: 340.52
Default voltages and default clock settings; (980 clock/1750 mem/1046 boost)
ASIC: 71%

I'm at a complete loss and I'm hoping some of you guys can help me out or at least help me understand what's going on!
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First off, no card, no GPU, no piece of hardware is identical.
What one person can achieve with card type X, can for others be impossible with their sample of card type X,

You can use other posts as guideline but you might even be able to go above that or not even come close to it.
Since you can't come close to it, you have to start analyzing where it all goes south.

PRO tip: ASIC Value does not predict a real life scenario of OC potential, it only states how power effecient the processor is, nothing more, nothing less.

Do you make use of reading temperatures?
How do you make use of temperature reading?

Using a Voltcraft meter or something similar is the best way to go (if your card supports it), readings read via software sometimes shows incorrect values.

It might be a BIOS issue, "faulty" firmware might boost the core without pushing more Volts to support the stability associated to the boost level.
It could be that your cooler is not making 99,9% contact with the GPU/MEM/VRM which leads to instant instability.
It could be a drver issue, heck it even could be a further to the core Windows issue (Drive or other hardware)

When you have sorted this out, you should be allot further to coming to a conclusion/solution to your current lack of OC potential.

On a side note:
The lower the ASIC value, the better it would be for use with a waterblock.
LN2/cathode users desire a very low ASIC % card because they can push more Volts on the components.

I hope this helps you somewhat with you current issue.
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Subbed, also interested to know how to OC a EVGA GTX 780Ti SuperClocked. Where did you find EVGA's Precision X, it's no longer available on EVGA's website...
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Look in the last 10 pages (at this time of writing) of the 780ti classified owner thread. someone linked the current release of the tool
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