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I think there were rumors of an unlocked 18-core consumer (HEDT) SKU, and I think I even saw somewhere a weird CPU-z screenshot of a 18-core part with i7 branding, but it could have been a photoshop job, I am not sure.

In theory, Intel could do it safely nowdays since they integrated the voltage controller on the CPU, so they could probably prevent accidental fires if someone dumb enough overvolt the CPU too much smile.gif

But I'd guess they do not have any reason to do so. There is no competition anymore, and an 18 core unlocked HEDT CPU would probably have to be sold for $3K+ or so, in order not to jeopardize Xeon sales.

Not gonna happen.
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Originally Posted by psyq321 View Post

I ordered Z10PE-D8 WS (Germany) but the seller bumped my order to end of October, despite claiming to have one in stock frown.gif

So I'll probably get a temporary Supermicro X10DAi (they are available everywhere).

I have two 2697 v3 (14-core SKUs) which I'll keep until I get my hands on 2699 v3s (they are next to impossible to get right now, my personal suspicion is that 2699 v3 is bastardized 18-core Haswell EX, dumped since no Oracle buyers would buy them until TSX is fixed, so Intel had to find a way to do something with the stock, which also means limited availability).

However, while reading ASUS manual for Z10PE D8 WS, I noticed that there are no memory overclocking / overvoltage options (really). I hope this is just an old manual revision, because if there is no memory overclocking, I sincerely see no reason for Z10PE D8 WS existence.

In this case, I'd rather have Supermicro X10DAX, which according to the manual can have DDR4 set even at 3200 MHz (yes).

However, X10DAX is not available in Europe yet, and there are few USA vendors (one on ebay.com) claiming to have them in stock, which is rather weird since I contacted Supermicro and they told me the X10DAX is not being delivered yet.

I got a X10DAX from Acmemicro.com.I don't have any processors yet.Can I borrow your 2697's biggrin.gif Being a Supermicro fan I know what I'm getting out of their boards.The ZP10PE interests me greatly but I'll stick with the X10DAX for now.

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Gah, I was in the U.S. last week, but I was not sure that i'll be getting 2697 v3s this quickly.

If I knew it, I'd order X10DAX from Acemicro and get it delivered to my hotel frown.gif

So now I'll need to find some other way to boot those goodies next week smile.gif
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Thanks for the tip, unfortunately here in Germany I cannot get ANY '-X' Supermicro for Haswell EP, yet.

How did you get DDR4 to run at 3200 MHz, did the board allow you to set the DDR4 voltage?


RIght now, after reading the Z10PE D8 WS manual, I am really starting to doubt that this board has any advantages compared to e.g. Supermicro offerings frown.gif

This used to be different in the past, but unless the manual is wrong, and if somebody lucky has the board already, please correct me if I am wrong: but the Z10PE-D8 WS board does not even allow memory voltage control anymore. Is this true?

Also, PCI Express configuration of the ASUS board is not spectacular I must see, despite ASUS having 80 PCIe lanes on their disposal frown.gif Add to this limited number of DDR4 slots (just 8), which forces people to use very expensive 32 GB LRDIMMs or, not yet available publically, 64 GB LRDIMMs if they want to have 256 or 512 GB of RAM in their worstation.

I don't know, but all of this is making the board less and less worthy IMO. Which is a pity, I was a big ASUS fan for their "WS" boards, as in the past they offered quite a lot more compared to the regular server boards. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be the case anymore.

Therefore, I am really considering X10DAX from Supermicro.

While it has only 3 PCIe x16 ports, making connecting 4 TITAN/TESLA GPUs not impossible but requiring the PCIe x8->x16 riser and making room inside the case. However, since, as far as I see, Z10PE D8 WS anyway cannot run the cards in x16/x16/x16/x16 mode, apart from the need for the riser/adapter, performance-wise there is no loss.

Why is there no vendor making a really "ultimate" dual socket (or even quad socket? one can dream...) motherboard?

My wish list would be:

- All PCIe x16 connectors, ability to run 4 GPUs in PCIe x16 mode
- 8 DDR4 slots per CPU (so 16 or 32, for dual/quad CPU socket)
- SSI EEB / e-ATX size (if quad socket, obviously this would need to be bigger e.g. SSI MEB
- As much SATA/SAS ports as possible
- Hardened components (as with consumer "overclocking" boards) and good heatsinks
- SKU with 2 x Gbit or 2 x 10GBe LAN
- BIOS/UEFI with tweaking for: BCLK, DDR4 (voltage, speed, timings), multipliers, voltages in addition to usual Xeon options available from the reference code
- Dual BIOS/UEFI or easy "flashback" (not requiring CPU to be present for board updates for new CPU SKUs even if supported CPU is not at hand)
- Of course, IPMI, 7.1 Audio, etc.

Of course, such board is really for a "niche" market ("extreme" enthusiasts), but hell.. so is Z10PE D8 WS. And I think it can be done much much better.

I suppose, motherboard vendors do not feel there would be demand for such board, since there are no unlocked 2S/4S Xeon SKUs that would necessitate such "extreme" board, and the cost of such board would easily be four-digit $.

Too bad, but one can dream smile.gif
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MM Case arrived yesterday so threw the board in.


I can't wait for this to get rolling :D


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Interesting case, guess I never thought to look for something like that - looks to engulf your m/b entirely. lol I'm curious to see that end product... seriously.
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I ordered a Z10PE-D8 WS, its suppose to arrive end of October, begining of November.
I also ordered, and payed for two 2690v3. These are going to arrive faster than the motherboard i think.
I also got one 16 gb ram, and the second is on its way. Need to buy 6 more.

Here you can read more !

Its a bummer, that the motherboard comes so late !

Perhaps until then the evga 1600 T2, the titanium version, is going to hit the market. Something tells me its going to come a lot later.
If all else fails, im going to get two Antec HCP 1300W.

LOL at the Case, it has a double row of PCI brackets ! What are the ones upstairs for ? There no motherboard connecting to those, how is one suppose to use them ?

You can run 4 Cards in 16x mode native on the Z10PE-D8 WS. One of the reason i bought the mainboard.
If you think any less, its probably not finished yet, firmware wise.
The pci express slots are exactly as in Z9PE-D8 WS.

For me 128 GB ram@2133 is more than enough. Its also a lot of money.
Gonna do a 64Gb Ram disk and play diablo 3, while the other 46 thread mine Litecoins biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by Bytales View Post
LOL at the Case, it has a double row of PCI brackets ! What are the ones upstairs for ? There no motherboard connecting to those, how is one suppose to use them ?

 Been researching a while now. The mining craze and psuedo bubble had some interesting side benefits which I plan to take advantage of for rendering in a GPU Render farm.


If you fill all 7 PCI slots on this board you get PCI x8 in all slots. Oddly enough if you mount 7 cards in the upper 20 slots you end up with exactly one PCI mounting space gap in between. (7 cards dual slot = 14 slots, with 6 gaps in between  = exactly 20 slots total)


While the picture below is a regular Mountain Mods Gold Digger 18" x18" Ascension case. Mine is an Extended Ascension which is 18" x 24" (Deep). Instead of 2 gold digger cases, 1 mounted on top of each other I opted for a Water Barrel Pedestal below for all the Water goodies to come. I'll be starting a build log shortly. I've never seen 7 cards side by side under water, but will... :D


GPU Rendering farm: This below was for mining. I saw it and said why not build a render farm using that style. Of course the 3M shielded PCI risers will be in use. Those risers cost a mint but adjacent cables have virtually no EMI interference issues compared to the trash China grey extender cables. Oddly enough I'm more pissed about the cost of those damn 3M cables that 1600+ CPU's lol. I'm stuck between getting 12 and 14 cores...


This board just happened to drop at the right time. That gold on the heat sinks is grating at me as well lol. I may take them off and get them redone in black, unless waterblocks are made that fit them then I'd want Acrylic blocks. If nothing else my case above has room. Gobs of it for Water madness.




Added another view to show how deep the 20 PCI slot is that allows me to put fans behinds the cards for more passive airflow.


My biggest concern is power to this setup and board.

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M.f. ! U got the Asus board ?
Im still waiting for mine, and i think its going to take 2 weeks at the very best until ill get it !
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I wanted to do something similar with my STH10 build using a pci express splitter connected to a 5.25 front bay case using 2 slots.
Basically an 8x slot could be split in eight 1x slots using 4x5.25" slots in the front !

However i have not been able to aquire the damn things.
Only one OEM on the planet makes these, and i have had no succes in buying the stuff from them.
Its really briliant de design. Its unique.

I could have been able to use the whole 8x bandwith with these babies (granted, at pci express 2.0) but still, it would have granted me the posibility to use a single motherboard slot, to equip for instance eigth 1x cards, like usb hubs, sata hubs, sound cards, capture cards, whatever.

I had to drop the ideea, since there is no way to aquire the damn thing, short of flying personaly in taiwan !
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