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So i have a question. My current settup is 2x dell u2412m side by side. I am happy with the setup but for a while i want a bigger primary screen. And now i have a chance to get a 4k pannel earlier then i expected. A friend is selling an ASUS PB287Q, not even a month old. And he is selling it for a good price. I have been at his house and seen the screen.
First impression. This is the best TN pannel i have ever seen. To be honest it was hard for me to believe it's a TN pannel. The viewing angles are fantastic. But then again i keep reading "once you go IPS you cant go TN back again". Well yes i have been using my 2412m's for 2 years now and i have been happy.
But we are talking about a cheap 8bit h-ips pannel. And with the asus we are talking about the best TN pannel i have ever seen. So my question is how drastical the difference is going to be?

I was planning to buy it and keep one 2412m as a secondary screen.
What am i going to be using the monitor for?
No 3d/design/graphics work. Very little gaming. Mostly multimedia and programming. I'm a software developer. And some video rendering but that's not really collor dependant work.
Do you think this asus would be a good choice for me?